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Here is a front and back view of my first (sucessful) stone.  It is a 6.3 caret citrine cut with an Easy Eight (Jeff Graham) design.  The stone was knocked off the dop and set back in correctly thanks to advice from the list members.  I used wax exclusively for dopping after a disaster with super glue.  The girdle is too thick (3-4x) and I didn't polish it enough (some visible grooves) and the table is a bit off but it is the first one

Robert Winfield


A 10.0mm, 3.25ct citrine.  This citrine was cut in my Viviant design (LJ, July 1997), a modified SRB with diagonally split mains on both the crown and pavilion (it is easier than it sounds!).  The stone was photographed 
sitting on a mirror with a black cardboard background seen in reflection.  I used Ektachrome T160 (tungsten) color slide film and regular incandescent desk lamps diffused by a white fabric tent.  I had a Kodak photo-CD made when the film was processed.

From Dave Thompson

From Sue Annella ~

Here is the first stone that I cut all by myself with coaching from Glenn Vargas.  It is a clear synthetic quartz cut as a octagonal brilliant.  It is 11mm in diameter, and was cut on my Graves Mark IV.


This is a neon quartz that I cut.  It is a freeform with hand carved optical dishes. It is 22 mm x 17.7 mm and approx. 15.5 cts.  I enjoy cutting the freeforms.

Howard Broderson


I just finished a nice multi-color set. The small blue accent stones are Colo. Mt. Antero Aqua. The Yellow stones are N.M. Bytownite. The pink center stone is Cailf. Himalaya Mine Tourmaline. I made this set to show the possibilities of North American gemstones. Why go over seas to get rough when we have some of the best rough in the world right here in this country?   I had a great time putting this together. Hope you like it.

Jerry Stroud


From Sue Annella ~

Here is my second stone cut on my Graves Mark IV.  It was cut with the help of Paul and I plan to have it set in a ring.  It is a 11mm 16 Main Round Brilliant of Paul's design.

From Doug Frey ~

I have attached a photo of a new pair of earrings from my studio. The earrings are 14K yellow gold with a matched pair of orange Spessartine Garnets total weight of 2.55ct and cut in a SRB. The stones are eye clean and have incredible life ( you almost have to wear sunglasses when viewing them with sunlight on them). The earrings are my own design and hand
fabricated. The photo was taken with an old Pentax and scanned into my
computer.  My customer fondly referred to them as "bagel earrings" Whatever they see is fine with me.

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