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Just completed a 4.73 carat orange heat treated sapphire. It was a piece of rough I discovered I still had after more than 20 years. The rough was 13.49 carats, and finished up at 7.95 MM x 9.56 MM. The cut is Jack Rowland's Cardinal cut. There is a small inclusion on the right side of the stone, but other than that, its clean. It didn't last, however. Thirty seconds after completing it, my wife said it was hers!

Larry on the Left Coast

Here is Darren's Maine tourmaline (loose below) set in gold with diamonds.  Nice job Darren!



These pics show a faceted table on 2 different stones. The blue one is a 451ct topaz custom cut by Stephen Kotlowski from a crystal that was about 1200cts to start, I'm holding it in 3rd [last] pic. He sliced a piece about 400 cts off to start the shape and he got to keep it to, lucky dog! The other is a Mexican Fire Opal cut by Stephen for a client in Colorado. That finished out to just over 22cts. Both of these have a faceted table on them and both look great!

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