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My two most recent stones are shown in the attachments. EZBar5 is cut from Siberian Amethyst, is 5.09 carats, and measures 11.49 mm x 9.03 mm.  The glass stone is cut in Jeff Graham's Signature #4 cut, weighs 3.37 carats, and measures 10.83 mm.

Larry from the Left Coast

Paul, Here is a photo of a pendant that gives a good idea of what can be done taking pictures with a digital camera and not much photography knowledge.
Picture was taken with a Nikon 950 using a Cloud Dome (new item, $225.00 retail, Cindy at two BCA photo bulbs (250 watts each) set 90 degrees on each side, white balance set manually using a sheet of Office Depot laser paper (92 brightness). The pendant is Iolite, aquamarine, and of course the center stone is amethyst. The unset stone is a tricolor
tourmaline of 5.02 cts. You can even see some small flaws in the stone. View
it in Paint Shop Pro or similar at 1:1.


Here's the setup that I came up with for shooting gems. It's inexpensive, easy to use, versatile, and mobile. How's about under $20 for the box. I just went to a local plastics scrap dealer and rummaged around until I came up with two sheets of white acrylic. I had them cut it for me. The open ended box is the result of the four pieces. The acrylic, the cutting, the Weld On #3 and the applicator all for under $20. Too kool huh?

This is Paul's rough and Paul's design of the "Floating Table Square Brilliant". It has become my square brilliant of choice as it's exceedingly easy to cut and exceedingly brilliant. The picture does no justice to the brilliance of this 7.60 ct Citrine.


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