ILA's Microscope Lab
This first image in a series to show common poor meetpoints, displays a pair of pavilion break facets which do not meet.  60X.
This pavilion's main facets do not meet at the culet properly.  60X.
The edge of this crown has a large rectangular facet where a kite shaped main facet should be.  60X.
The pavilion wing facets of this rectangular pseudo-barion do not meet properly.  60X.
The facets of this square brilliant do not meet properly at the table of this gem (table in white).  60X.
The images above were taken with the Faceter's Digest Digital Microscope, an Intel QX3.  The scope has three settings, 10, 60 and 200X.  The 60X setting seems to be about typical of what you would see when examining a gem with a 10X loupe.  At the 10X setting, the magnification is much lower and with a greater field of view than a normal 10X loupe.  The microscope is capable of shooting realtime video and can also produce slide shows.  Perhaps we can utilize these features on the internet in the future as my programming experience increases.  All of the gemstones above were cut in Bangkok, Thailand.