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This list digest contains the following message subjects:

1. LapDigest News for Issue No 258 - Mon 1/11/2000
2. NEW: New Find of Chysophrase in Brazil
3. NEW: Risk of Almag Oil Explosion in Sawing
4. NEW: Dangers from Inhaling Tin and Cerium Oxide
5. NEW: What Price to Ask for Chalcedony
6. NEW: Cutting Material from Israel
7. NEW: Need a Manual for Highland Park Model B10
8. NEW: Lime Juice on 'Marble' - How to Repair?
9. RE: Does Fluorite Fade in Bright Light?
10. RE: Does Fluorite Fade in Bright Light?
11. RE: Coating over Polished Agate
12. FS: Stone Canyon Jasper Slabs
13. WTB: Carnelian Piece


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No 258 - Mon 1/11/2000

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Sign your name to submissions, and
restrict your messages to one topic per message. PLEASE!!
If you do multiple topics in a letter, I must take it apart
and rewrite it as multiple letters, and this just wastes
a lot of time! So PLEASE ...

About TUCSON and QUARTZSITE. We will not carry the several
show reports, as you can see them in several other places.
Bob Keller's Tucson show 2000 report and a lot of other
show info will be on the show website: .
If you are going to Tucson, be sure to look at info about
Tucson on Bob's website at:

For information about Quartzsite show contact people, see Most good URLs on
Quartzsite I found were for last year's show, so I don't
have a good one for you now, but will get one for you soon.


Anyone going to either Tucson of Quartzite who would like
to be a corresponding reporter for the Digest, to report
only on new Lapidary products or equipment?? Let me hear
from you.

Be kind to one another -- you never know when you will need
a favor! (smile) And remember to enjoy life and help
others around you enjoy life -- Have fun!


Subject: NEW: New Find of Chysophrase in Brazil

You will find it interesting to know that Chrysophrase
comes from other areas than Australia. Last month I went
down to Brazil and came upon a new find of Chrysophrase
from the State of Goias. They have no buyers yet, have
asked me to round up some business in it. I am afraid I do
not know my market very well on it.

It is very dark color, not quite as dark as what is sold in
Australia as a look alike for Imperial Jade, but not far
from it. Thin flat pieces,1/2 to 1" thick.

If you would like to see it, this URL:

Here is a URL of photos of Chrysophrase that occurs in

Appreciate any feedback, some opinion of the values, any
dealers interested to help us with this project to begin
mining it.

Mark Liccini

Subject: NEW: Risk of Almag Oil Explosion in Sawing


I noticed that some materials spark in my lapidary saw that
is cooled with Almag. Is there an explosion danger due to
the misted oil?
I sent the following to the manufacturer's lubes sales dept.
at: "I am editor and publisher of the
Lapidary Digest, a newsletter devoted exclusively to the
Lapidary arts. A subscriber sent in the following query:
(query above quoted here) Can you please provide an answer
to this query?" Now we wait for their answer, but please
you reply if you have any knowledge about this. Have any
of you ever heard of an oil fire in a saw before? hale

Subject: NEW: Dangers from Inhaling Tin and Cerium Oxide


I use a high pressure water gun to clean specimens that
have been polished with cerium oxide and tin oxide. Is
there a danger from inhaling the mist that results?

Subject: NEW: What Price to Ask for Chalcedony

On the cover of a rockhounding book which I cannot remember
the name of, is a sample of gas-line road agate (chalcedony)
from Northern Nevada. My husband and I have harvested about
200+ lbs of it. The primary colors are blue (dark, not Mt.
Airy stuff), gold, and red, mostly translucent quality.
Gorgeous stuff. Some will fluoresce. We would like to sell
or trade it, but have no idea what a fair market value would

We are looking for advice on quality, asthetics, cuttability
etc... as we are very new at lapidary. We do intend to
sell it on eBay, but have no idea as to starting price, so
any advice on eBay starting price would also be appreciated.

God bless,
Donna Urey

Subject: NEW: Cutting Material from Israel

Hello All,

I am fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to the Holy
Land in November, 2000 and am anxious to get information
about any cutting material that is native to that part of
the world. I would appreciate hearing from any list
members, either here or off digest, who have knowledge
about such material or can direct me to other sources.

Thanks for the help.

Wally Baxendale
West Chicago, IL

Subject: NEW: Need a Manual for Highland Park Model B10

I have acquired a Highland Park Model B10 rock polisher/saw
and do not have an instruction manual. I contacted the
companies who had bought out Highland Park in search of
manuals but they said that this particular model had been
replaced some years back and they did not have the
owers/instruction manual.

I am wondering if you can give me some advise and direction
as to how I could acquire some written material.

Thank you for your assistance


Subject: NEW: Lime Juice on 'Marble' - How to Repair?

Had an accident on a antique marble table. Lime Juice was
spilt on it and it sat all night. Any help on cleaning it
and bringing up the polish. I looked in the archives and
didn't see anything. Any help would be appreciated.


Bob Gillespie

Subject: RE: Does Fluorite Fade in Bright Light?

YES - Fluorite is a color centered mineral, meaning that
electrons are out of position, and this results in a color.
Light energy puts the electrons back into place and the
color is lost.

Bob Jones

Subject: RE: Does Fluorite Fade in Bright Light?

It's true, Fluorite can go from a brilliant hue to pale
milkiness in a few short months if left on a windowsill or
in direct sunlight. I learned this the hard way many years
ago when I bought one of my first spheres. I still have it
as a reminder.

Sunlight's not the only culprit. One of the stores I sell
to had some nice purple fluorite in matrix from S. Illinois.
Unfortunately, they had it brightly displayed with a
halogen light. I mentioned to them that the arrangement
probably wasn't such a good idea. Sure enough, about a
month later, the purple had turned clear with a slight
bluish tint.

As for amethyst and rose quartz, I've never had a problem
with any of it fading, even though I've had plenty of pieces
sitting both on window ills and all through the backyard.
(Mowing the back lawn is always a little bit more of an
adventure after I get back from Thunder Bay every summer..)

Giovanna Fregni
Mpls/St. Paul

Subject: RE: Coating over Polished Agate

Hello Hale: I could not agree with you more. Never spaycoat
a well polished agate. What I do to remove fingerprints from
a finished piece is to rub it with Sight Savers. These are
the silicone coated tissues for cleaning eyeglasses. They
are (were?) made by Dow Corning. They work very well and
are very inexpensive.

Don Sommerfield

Subject: FS: Stone Canyon Jasper Slabs

I'm selling a few slabs of stone canyon jasper on E Bay.
This is a very beautiful brecciated jasper that polishes
real nice and has a multitude of interlaced colors in
various swirls and blobs. Every piece is unique but
characteristic at the same time. The location that this
comes from has been closed for twenty years and is on
private land.

Go to this link and scroll down to see and/or bid on these

Steve Swartz
Carson City, Nevada USA

Subject: WTB: Carnelian Piece

Hi -

I am looking for a nice piece of carnelian for an intarsia
piece I am working on, or some other orange material, or
close to orange.

I could use either a slab or a chunk. I need strips about
1-1/2 to 2 inches long. If I had a chunk I would slab it
thin and cut the strips from the thin slabs. If I start
with a slab I would trim thin strips from it.

Please contact me directly if you have some or have
information on where I can purchase some.

Thank you,
Jack Haslup
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