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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 228 - Sun 8/22/1999
2. NEW: Mystic Topaz
3. RE: Filling Cracks in Dino Slabs
4. RE: Filling Cracks in Dino Slabs
5. NEW: Address of Custom Tech/Mini-sonic
6. RE: Mineral Oil as a Trim Saw Coolant
7. RE: Mineral Oil as a Trim Saw Coolant
8. Re: Sears Gem Maker
9. SHOW: "Gem-O-Rama" at Trona, California
10. FS: New 8" All You Need.
11. FS: Lapidary and Jewelry Making Equipment
12. FS: Tumbling Material and Slabs


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 228 - Sun 8/22/1999

Unfortunately, there were two URL errors in the last issue.
First, in the news section, I published the URL for the
Scottish Mineral and Lapidary Club. As pointed out by Val
( and Hugh(, the correct
address is

Also, Gladys Reyna of the Mining Center Peru wrote to say
that their address should have been given, in their FS ad,

Sorry, guys!! My apologies.

There is a new book out with title:
" PETRIFIED WOOD; The World of Fossilized Wood, Cones,
Ferns and Cycads" Author : Frank J. Daniels. It lists
for $75 but Barnes and Noble sell it for $52. If you are
on AOL, there is another discount of $10. Rock and Gem
had this to say about the book: "With 420 beautifully
reproduced color photographs and easily read text, this
book is both a coffee table beauty and a most interesting
and useful text. An exciting new book ... with superb
photographs." The URL for Barnes and Noble is <http://>.
Just search on the word 'petrified'.

I am going to Wildacres for a week and will return next
Sunday. Meantime, take care and have fun!!


Subject: NEW: How To Grind Spheres on a Sphere Machine?

Does anyone have experience grinding spheres and possibly
give me instructions on grinding spheres. I have a small
marble sized Covington sphere maker and the larger 2 cup
Covington also.

"M. Finnegan" <>
Mike: Check the Archives. There are two or three items on
this exact topic; all have very complete instructions. hale

Subject: NEW: Mystic Topaz


My name is Terri Monagle and I have been in the Rockhound
hobby for over 25 years. Many facets of this hobby have
fascinated me, including: cabbing, silversmithing and
Gemstone Identification. My husband, Bill was also active
in the hobby. One of the last things he did before
becoming seriously ill was to teach both cabbing and
faceting at the William Holland School. We both served
in several offices in Miami Mineral & Gem Society and
served as Editors of Chips & Facets for many years.

Recently, a friend introduced me to a form of Topaz with
which I am not familiar. It is called "Mystic Topaz" and
looks like a piece of very fine "Carnival Glass". She told
me that it is true Topaz because she re-cut a nick on the
culet and the cleavage plane was in evidence. She also
said that the refractive index was 1.62.

The Brazilian who sold it to her said that the cut stone is
taken to an almost melting point and then bombarded with
radiation containing gold and another mineral element. This
is supposed to impregnate the Topaz and give it highly
refractive appearance - rainbows everywhere. He stated that
the process was so expensive that no more than this first
production will be forth coming, at least in the near

Has anyone heard of such a stone? Does the radiation
penetrate to the center of this stone or is it just near
the surface? Is this radiation process a permanent

Thanks for any information you can supply me. I am a
curious individual.


Subject: RE: Filling Cracks in Dino Slabs

Got any brand names for water clear epoxy?? Most of mine
yellow. Duro Quick Set is fairly good.

Looking forward:
Alan Shinn

Experience the beginnings of microscopy. Make or buy your
own replica of one of Antony van Leeuwenhoek's microscopes.
Hughes puts out a water clear epoxy, and I can't remember
whether it is 220 or 330. Most lapidary supply catalogs list
this product. Anyone help on this? hale

Subject: RE: Filling Cracks in Dino Slabs

<<There was a product called Opticon that would be the best
for sealing cracks. It is costly, but it goes a long way.>>

There is also the tried and true epoxy method. Find some
water clear epoxy. Most epoxies yellow with age. Warm
the stone on a dop pot or something else that provides lower
heat. Put the epoxy on and remove from heat right away. As
the stone cools it pulls the epoxy in. You may need to redo
this after 220 sanding as the epoxy will undercut easily.

Then just follow rules of keeping things clean. I usually
wash the stone, then clean it with alcohol. Be careful when
mixing the epoxy so that you don't get too many bubbles.

Steve Ramsdell

Subject: NEW: Address of Custom Tech/Mini-sonic

If anyone has any updated information for Custom Tech/
Mini-sonic for the links page please e-mail me off line and
I will get it updated. I think it is out of date.

JR & Janet Schroeder
J & J Jewelry

Subject: RE: Mineral Oil as a Trim Saw Coolant

The subject of what to use as a lubricant with diamond saws
is of interest to me. I solved that problem to my
satisfaction some years ago. Oil getting into cracks was
always a problem for me. Now I use auto antifreeze,
ethylene glycol, undiluted. There are some advantages.
Steel based saw blades do not rust, the lubricant washes
out of cracks with just water. The best thing is the price.
Around here it sells at times for less than $5.00 per gallon.
With all those things going for it, I wonder what I have

Best to members.

Ivan Saddler

Subject: RE: Mineral Oil as a Trim Saw Coolant

About Rigid Thread Cutting Oil-

Beware most of the stuff in the plumbing store has some sort
of sulfur in it. Even though it says light, it will still
stink, not to mention the stains that it will leave. It is
true that the dark oils work better, but this stuff will
even leave stains on steel.
It is possible to buy non-sulfur oils, these are generally
used for stainless or aluminum (these metals will tend to
be stained by the standard oils both light and dark). On
the same line soap or detergent based threading fluids are
becoming more popular, but I don't have a clue how they
will work for lapidary applications

Jeff in Kalamazoo

Subject: Re: Sears Gem Maker

I thank all of you for all of the wonderful suggestions
for attaching the leather pad to the face plate. It is
absolutely amazing to me that so many of you were
interested in helping me with my problem.

Again thank you very much,

Subject: SHOW: "Gem-O-Rama" at Trona, California

Hi Hale and group,

We are pleased to announce in association with the Searles
Lake Gem and Mineral Society and IMC Chemical Corp., the
58th annual "Gem-O-Rama" at Trona, California this October.

To learn more, visit the official Gem-O-Rama website at:

To download and print out an official show flyer, visit:

Paul Ahlstedt

Subject: FS: New 8" All You Need.

I have a new (in the box) 8" All You Need for sale.
#21-003 Complete with accessories.
Price is $350 plus actual shipping costs.

JR & Janet Schroeder
J & J Jewelry

Subject: FS: Lapidary and Jewelry Making Equipment

Dear Friends and (Past) Fellow Dealers and Club Members,

After many years in the jewelry business, we have
discontinued our business. We have many pieces of equipment
available for sale. If you are not interested, but know
someone that might be, we would sincerely appreciate if you
would pass this list on to them. Thank you very much.
Barbara Roper

The following is a current list as of August 17 of lapidary
equipment we have available for sale. We need to liquidate
all equipment immediately and will consider all offers.
Please call or e-mail us for more description of the items
and for a list of casting items. We can e-mail pictures of
most pieces.

We have a loose gemstone package available for sale, as well.
There are many different types of stones and it would be best
to view these to see colors, sizes, quality, etc.

Again, we will consider all offers.

Willa Roper
Adam & Barbie Roper
PO Box 82 Conroe,TX77305-(409)756-1097

#2 Pixie with 6 wheels $550.
#3 Ray Tech JEMSAW 45 $115.
#13 Panther Premium Lapidary Saw 14" Model LSS 14P
Mfg.: Lortone Auto Power Cut off and Power Feed $600.
#15 Trim Saw, Mfg.: Rock's ¼ H.P. High Speed $175.
#17 Raytech 4" Diamond Trim Saw w/ foot rheostat $150.
#18 Tubs for vibrating Tumblers (Included with C-22) $00.
#19 Poly Arbor Diam. Pacific Nova wheels 1400 & 1200 grit
#20 Poly Arbor has Diamond Pacific Nova wheels, 500 grit
#21 Poly Arbor has Galaxy diamond wheel and disk $200.
#C22 Vibrating Tumblers Qty 4 1/20th Horse Power;
Model: 5K001A $175.each
#C23 Recirculating Pumps Qty 4 M&M Pump Co. Model MM101
#C40 Glass Cutting Machine All Star-Glass Star $100.
#C49 Raytech Gem Lab Cabber $250.


Subject: FS: Tumbling Material and Slabs

I have 50 lbs of tumbling rough for 2.50/lb for 1-25 lbs
plus ship cost. The price is 2.00/lb for 26-50lbs. Add .25
per lb if you want it in 5lb bags also see my eBay auctions;
i am robred1

If you are interested in saving money on slabs come see me
at or send me email at
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