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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 207 -- Fri 4/16/99
2. NEW: Lapidary Digest Thread Index
3. NEW: Quartz Sparks like Flint!
4. NEW: Size of List
5. NEW: But is it Copal?
6. NEW: Polishing Picasso Marble
7. NEW: Problems in Polishing Tourmaline
8. NEW: Wyoming Jade
9. Re: Chrysoprase Cutting
10. RE: Chinese Writing Stone


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 207 -- Fri 4/16/99

This is what SHOULD have gone out for #207. Please discard
the prior one and substitute this one! As you can tell, I
screwed up royally!!

Well, Anne is safely tucked in an assisted living home and I
delayed going to Wildacres, as I wanted to be sure she was
OK. She is -- so off I go tomorrow morning about 7am,

I hope all of you will hug and kiss those you love - you
never know how long they will be with you - and play with
them and have loads of FUN together! It is NEVER too late!


Subject: NEW: Lapidary Digest Thread Index

In the 1930's, as a kid in Oklahoma, a land with howling
dust and haunting depression, I was taught never to eat
in front of other hungry children... and, if you did,
you had to share!

I do, indeed, have a program which parses ALL the
Lapidary Digest messages and indexes them by topic. When
Hale sends a new issue, I drop it into the program and
out pops the Thread list containing all message subjects
sorted back to issue #1. I send Hale a copy as I update
my own catalog.

I knew there was Lapidary gold in the back issues but
never could find "anything" so I wrote a program to do
the job. Instantly, the LD "came alive"! Since Hale has
made sure the "Subject" lines are meaningful, it's easy
to find exactly the issue and message group(s) I want!
Hale has given us all so much with his endeavor, it is an
honor to me to participate at the edge of his work.

So in his intro comment on LD#206, Hale let my secret out
and I feel I have to share the index. I will send a copy
to any member who emails me a request where, someplace on
the subject line, is the keyword- "LDTHREAD". Nothing
else needs to be sent except that keyword. I ask the key
be written in all upper or lower case (not mixed) so I can
filter the requests.

I will send back a reply with the file- "THREDnnn.ZIP"
attached. The "nnn" is (as of) the latest LD issue I
have compiled from Hale. For instance, Thred206.ZIP is
about 28k bytes long which expands to the thread list of
116k containing 2028 indexed message-subject lines.

What I want in return is for you to participate in the
Lapidary Digest... I learn by reading your questions and
the replies. There is a ton of fresh, diverse, exciting
information in this new way of knowledge sharing. I
served 28 years in laboratory chemistry, 13 years in PC
programming and only a few years now shaping stupid rocks
into jewelry... I'm in a hurry to catch up!

For any of you who might want to post the thread list on
a non-commercial web site, that's fine by me but please
check this out with Hale first.

George Butts,
That is really most generous, John. I was trying to put
every fifth file in the Archives - for Issues 200, 205, 210
and so on. But you will be able to give them a file after
EVERY issue! hale

Subject: NEW: Quartz Sparks like Flint!

Once I was told quartz sparks just like flint. I discovered
it's very entertaining for the youngsters, myself included,
to strike two large quartz points together, similar to flint
and steel, in a darkened area. The sparks illuminate the
whole crystal. They make a kind of burning smell too. You
don't want to use your prize collection for this experiment,
but it sure is fun. My daughter keeps a set of crystals
right on her bedside table.

Steven G Case

Subject: NEW: Size of List

<<As of this mailing, we have 1597 members!>>

Gee Hale, I seem to remember one time soon after you
started this Digest that you were worried about not having
many subscribers! Like the old saying goes; "Be careful what
you ask for..." ;>}

Art Berggreen
You have a great memory, Art -- yes, I never thought we
would go above 100 or 150 -- maybe 200 in my dreams! I want
to thank you, Art, (you were a very early member) and all
the list members for making this a successful list -- for
if your replies didn't have a lot of good info that people
wanted, the list would fail!

Subject: NEW: But is it Copal?

Dear Hale,

I was wondering if anyone had a sure way to tell if what I
have is real copal or if it is plastic.

I was at the Buena Vista show a couple of years ago and
traded several 5 gal. buckets of petrified wood for what
the man called copal. I read an article that said if you
heat a needle and touch it to the material it will smell
like pine. Mine didn't. It smelled more of chemical. I
also read an article that said plastic won't float in salt
water, but real copal will. I tried that test and what I
have floated. I bought a small piece of copal from
another dealer at the September show in Denver. It acted
the same as what I already had.

So, how can I tell if what I have is real or if I have
been duped?

Randy Aue
Estes Park, CO

Subject: NEW: Polishing Picasso Marble

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what to use as the
final polish on Picasso Marble. I have seen some with a
mirror finish and I can't seem to duplicate it. Any

Randy Aue
Estes Park, CO

Subject: NEW: Problems in Polishing Tourmaline

Can anyone explain to me why some of the tourmaline I've
tried to polish with cerium oxide polishes beautifully and
why some of it remains dull at this stage? I'm assuming
the chemical colorants make it harder/softer, but I am not
seeing a clear pattern yet. It doesn't seem to be a matter
of how included the stones are.

Thanks, Dana

Subject: NEW: Wyoming Jade

I recently bought, for use in intarsia work, some "black
jade" from Wyoming. May I take it that this is not really
jade but serpentine? I don't care as it works great for
the intarsia whatever it is, I just don't want to represent
it to people as jade if it's not.

BTW, I have quite a big piece of the stuff, probably more
than I will ever use. If someone is interested in trading
for other interesting material, contact me off list with


Subject: Re: Chrysoprase Cutting

Hale, to add to the discussion of chrysoprase. The stuff
is easy to deal with. I cut it into cabochon on a wet
wheel and then switch to an expanding drum with diamond
paste of various grits or powder with oil extender. If
you go from 325 to 600 to 1200 to 3000 to 8000, you'll
have a very shiny piece of chrysoprase. Polishes like
cerium or tin oxide mess up the shine.

Heat is just not a real issue, but with the material on
either a metal dop with varnish or a wooden dowel with
superglue, just keep a finger on the stone and fell for
excess heat while sanding and polishing.



Subject: RE: Chinese Writing Stone

How many tons would anyone like ?

John Ratcliffe
Kamloops, British Columbia
Note: Now THERE is an offer I dont see how anyone can
ignore!! TONS of the stuff!! What do you want for it,
John, per pound? hale
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