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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 180 - Thurs 11/26/98
2. NEW: Gluing Rough to Wood for Sawing
3. NEW: Tumble-Polishing Obsidian
4. RE: How to Make Weights for Vibrating Flat Lap
5. RE: How Do I Cab Jade?
6. RE: Accelerant for Epoxy
7. SHOW: 31st Annual Show, Columbia, SC
8. FS: 20" Saw


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 180 - Thurs 11/26/98

H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G, G U Y S

A message to our American members: I hope you all have a
peaceful, happy Thanksgiving Day. This is a day to relax,
gorge yourselves to a state of "can't move", sit on the
sofa, and think about how lucky we all are. Depending on
your feelings, you can give thanks to your creator or to
good luck or to yourself for all the blessings you have
received. Enjoy your family. Have fun!

To our members outside USA, this is one of our traditional
holidays, which centers around realization of the blessings
of our lives, and of our need to realize them and to give
thanks for them. Among the blessings we enjoy are family,
friends, our lives, our freedom, and our right to have fun!

A couple of housekeeping items:

I had to swap to an old version of the program for a couple
of issues, and the registration number I have didn't work
on the old version. So you saw something like:
(Unregistered Shareware version) on the heading instead of
the Issue number. Sorry. We are back to the newer version
of the program now (and it IS registered!)(smile)

Also, I made a mistake (only one I've ever made) in the
heading of Issue 164 -- I wrote it as 165-- and for some of
you, this created a problem when you tried to save it
properly. Sorry!

The website has a show by Roger Pabian which is well worth
looking at, particularly the designs and their origins, and
the execution of the work. You want to see polish? See his
show!! It's at

More shows to follow!

Stay safe, and have fun!!


Subject: NEW: Gluing Rough to Wood for Sawing

<<One other use that was recently touched on in this digest
was using the heavier bodied super glue and accelerant to
glue the end cuts from rough rock onto a block of wood so
it could be placed in a saw vice.>>

Just a note for those that are slow, like me. You can put
the super glue on one piece (I put it on the wood) and
spray the other with accelerant. The glue won't harden
until you put the pieces together.


Subject: NEW: Tumble-Polishing Obsidian

Hale: The best thing I've done is subscribe to your Digest.

I have been trying to tumble-polish some Obsidian with no
luck. I have gone by the book. I went back and pre polished
twice used Cerium Oxide as the polish and even Burnished
with White King soap. zip. I also used pellets to slow the
action and cushion the stones. zip again!

Any one out there with any advice to help me?

Jerry Challinor

Subject: RE: How to Make Weights for Vibrating Flat Lap

<<A source for lead for casting flat lap weights may be
tire stores where wheels are balanced or rebalanced.>>

Another free source of Lead would be any local university
doing medical research. The radioisotopes used for many
experiments utilize lead as outer containers for shipment
from suppliers (and are perfectly safe). Most Labs have
to dispose of this lead as hazardous waste and would be
more than happy if you took it off their hands.

Michael J. Herron
U of MN,Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Subject: RE: How Do I Cab Jade?

In a message dated 98-11-24 09:18:04 EST, you write:

<< Our assignment for stone of the month in my Houston Lap
club is (gulp)Jade (looks like spinach colored nephrite)
Anyone got advice? I heard it undercuts, so what do I do
about that? >>

Work the stone with diamond using light pressure up thru
1200 grit. Once the stone is sanded to your best, go to
leather with Linde A. You will want the leather almost dry
but not quite. Use a lot of pressure and the shine should
pop right up. To much polish and the orange peal starts
showing. Sand, Sand, Sand and then a quick polish.

Don at Campbell Gemstones.

Subject: RE: Accelerant for Epoxy

In a message dated 98-11-24 09:14:04 EST, you write:

<<When I was into model railroading we used a product
called "zip kicker"; it greatly accelerated the setting
time of epoxy glue.>>

I think that Zip Kicker is for cyanoacrylates, not epoxies.

-Matt D.

Subject: SHOW: 31st Annual Show, Columbia, SC

The Columbia Gem and Mineral Society will hold it's 31st
Annual Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry Show Thanksgiving weekend.

The dates and hours are:

Friday November 27, 11:00-7:00
Saturday November 28, 10:00-7:00
Sunday November 29, 12:00-6:00

Mineral specimens, jewelry, beads, fossils, and cut gems
are for sale. Demonstrations and members collections will
be on exhibit.

The show is located in the Moore Building at the South
Carolina Fairgrounds. Admission is 3.50, children 12 and
under are free.

For more information: (803) 736-9317 or

Thank you,
Susan Shrader
Columbia Gem and Mineral Society

Subject: FS: 20" Saw

In the San Antonio area, built-up frame, ideal tank, steel
with galvanized cover that has a Plexiglas window and a
heavy duty motor and a like-new diamond saw blade. Buyer
has to haul. For more info e-mail:

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