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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 153 -
2. NEW: How to Access the Archives
3. NEW: Reconstituted Black Onyx
4. RE: Supplying Coolant to Lapidary Grinding Wheels


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 153 -

With many of you away over the 4th, we only have a couple of
items in this issue. That seems to happen every holiday.

Hope you had a good one.


Subject: NEW: How to Access the Archives

The Archives reside in a Directory in the LapDigest Computer
and consist of text files. To get a file, you first must know
the name of the file you want. Let's call that file: "fn.txt".
The ".txt" is the file extension, and is the extension used
with every file in the Archives. To get that file, send an
e-mail to the LapDigest computer at:",
and put the words: "GET fn.txt" (without the quotes) on the
SUBJECT line of the message. This is important - put the
request or command on the SUBJECT line. Everything in the body
of the message is ignored by the computer.

When the lapidary computer receives the message, it reads the
subject line and sees whether or not it is a command message.
If so, then it carries out the command; for a 'GET' command,
it reads your address from your message, gets the file, and
sends it out to you. I never see these unless I just happen

That is all there is to it. Oh, past issues are also in the
Archives and the 85th issue, for example, has the filename:
Digest85.txt. To get a copy of the 85th issue, send an e-mail
to '' with the words: Get Digest85.txt
on the Subject line of the message. Put one space between
GET and Digest85.txt, no other spaces or punctuation are in
the command. In particular, don't use RE: as part of the

Please do not send requests to me. It takes a long time to
dig out a requested file and send it on, and I really do not
have that time. Send your requests to
and put 'GET fn.txt', where fn is the filename you want, on
the Subject line of the message.

The message with the word 'GET fn.txt' on the subject line is
called a command message, and 'GET' is called a command word.
There are three other command words: DIR, SUBSCRIBE, and
UNSUBSCRIBE. They all go on the SUBJECT line.

Only one command may be sent with each message; only one file
may be retrieved with each message. (The new version of the
software I am using will allow multiple commands per message;
I will install that sometimes soon - AFTER I become familiar
with its operation.)

Now, how do you know which filenames you want? There are two
ways to get a list of all filenames. The best way is to send
the command word DIR (remember - on the Subject Line of the
message!). You will get a listing of names of all files in
the directory, along with a date and the file size. I have
tried to make the file names as descriptive as possible.

That is all there is to it! Enjoy the Archives!


Subject: NEW: Reconstituted Black Onyx

Being a new subscriber to Lapidary Digest this is my first

My name is Rick Stutt. My wife, Kristi, and I are wire
wrappers with about 10 years experience between us. We do
many trade shows, primarily throughout the midwest (we live
in Iowa). I am also a lapidary. I cut many of the cabs that
we wire wrap into jewelry.

My question is this, I have been making doublets with
rutilated quartz and/or black onyx, lapis, chrysoprase, etc.
I have recently seen advertised blocks of reconstituted black
onyx. I am considering using this material on my doublets.
How durable is this material?

I know, you're probably saying "why don't you just use real
onyx"? The truth is I don't have any good sources for rough,
plus the only saw I have is a 6" trim saw.

I'm open to any input anybody might have.


Rick Stutt
Wire Wrapping Etcetera

Subject: RE: Supplying Coolant to Lapidary Grinding Wheels

In reply to adding water to grinding wheels. Purchase a fish
tank bubbler and place it under your wheels. You can pick
them up at any rock shop or pet shop. These will move more
water (recirculate) than the genie water system. In case you
can't find one we sell them at our store. 1(800)820-3612

Anyone may reprint this.
To subscribe to the Lapidary Digest, send a message to, with the word SUBSCRIBE DIGEST as
the subject of the message. Other commands you may use are:
UNSUBSCRIBE DIGEST to quit, HELP to receive a page of help
instructions on the use of the list, and DIR to receive a
list of names of all files in the Archives.

The command <GET filename> may be used on the subject line
(without brackets, of course) to obtain a copy of the file
named "filename". Type filename exactly as it appears in the
directory, including the extension txt. Do not cut-and-paste
filenames into the subject line.

Each author is requested to write the words
"non-commercial republish permission granted" at the end of
every item submitted. This gives permission for others to use
your item for non-commercial purposes. Please use those four
words at the end of each item you submit.