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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 143 - Wed 5/19/98
2. NEW: Substitute Materials for Commercial Laps
3. NEW: Ammonite Gem Rough
4. RE: What Diamond Wheels Should I Order?
5. AD: Invitation


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 143 - Wed 5/19/98

I will be away starting Friday 5/21 for a week, again going
to Wildacres - this time with EFMLS! This digest is being
published later than originally planned, as I was waiting for
items to include. We only have four of them!

Next issue will probably be on Saturday May 30. Have a safe
time but as always, have fun!!


Subject: NEW: Substitute Materials for Commercial Laps

Can anyone tell me a good material to use to make my own
pealable laps for diamond powder 8000 and higher? I really
hate dishing out 2-5 bucks for a scrap of fabric (probably
the result of being a seamstress, 2-5 could give enough
yardage for a skirt...)

By the way, I have found that a cheap lap for 1200 diamond is
the plastic lid off an oatmeal box. I use it face out and
trim off the lip but leave the raised edge to give some
support for my stone. I use it against hard rubber.



Subject: NEW: Ammonite Gem Rough

Does anyone know of a source for ammonite gem rough?
in cold, wet, and windy California

Subject: RE: What Diamond Wheels Should I Order?

I would like to add a few comments to the question concerning
diamond wheels. I have used the Nova wheels for a number of
years, and I have experimented with combinations other than
those that come with a Genie. Of course, it depends on what
the primary use of your machine will be, but for working on
mostly hard agates and jaspers, here is the best combination I
have found: First of all, I use a very aggressive hard wheel
made by Crystalite, called the Turbine. After using the
standard 80 grit smooth diamond wheel for quite awhile, it
occurred to me that this was the slowest step in the whole
procedure, so now I use the 60 grit Turbine for quick removal
of material from my preforms. This wheel is *substantially*
faster than the standard 80 grit Galaxie wheel that Diamond
Pacific provides. Although it is an aggressive wheel, it is
still easy to use without running the risk of taking too much
material off too fast.

The Turbine will leave a lot of scratches, but the second
wheel I use takes care of that. The second wheel is the Nova
60 grit. This wheel also removes material quickly, especially
when new, and even when it is broken in, it still does a
quick job of doing the final shaping of the preform. And the
best thing is that it will shape the preform while still
allowing you to take advantage of the flexible "give" of the
nova wheels. The 60 grit Nova leaves fine scratches, and
these are very easily removed by the 280 and 600 grit Novas
that follow.

Now, at first you might think that a jump from a 60 grit Nova
to a 280 Nova is too much, but I have done hundreds of free
forms using this combination, and this jump is *not* too
much. After the 600 grit, I use the following sequence: 1200,
8000, 14,000, and 50,000 Novas. The 8000 between the other
two might not be necessary, but since I am finishing with a
50,000 I think adding that intermediate wheel helps to have a
better polish at the end. When the 50,000 Nova is broken in a
little, it gives a mirror polish on hard agates and jaspers
that is astounding. You would swear that the pendant was
finished with a polishing compound on a leather disc.
Although everyone has their own favorite combination of
wheels, I thought the digest readers might like hearing a
different combination.

Vance McCollum
Earth Relics Company

Subject: AD: Invitation

Hi All,

I would formally like to invite everyone to join the 24 Carat
Net Newsgroup List Server. Here you can discuss gems,
jewelry, minerals and more. Dealers are always welcome, and
all this in an unmediated environment. Joining is easy, just
send a junk email to "", after that you can
post to the list at!!! What could be
easier? So if you want to be a part of "the gang", let us
hear from you right away.


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