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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 142 - Thurs 5/14/98
2. SCHOOLS: Summer Lapidary Schools- Wildacres/Wm. Holland
3. RE: What Diamond Wheels Should I Order?
4. RE: What Diamond Wheels Should I Order?
5. RE: Cutting Curved Facets
6. Re: Cutting Curved Facets
7. RE: Information on VIGOR Electric Burnout Furnace.
8. FS: Butter Jade; Distributors Wanted
9. SHOW: Knoxville, TN Rock Swap


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 142 - Thurs 5/14/98

When I want to look up questions about Lapidary topics, I
first turn to several books in my library (or books from a
local library). Next, I turn to the index published by
Lapidary Journal, which lists every article they have
published and breaks them into a large number of categories.
This makes research so easy! Also, LapJour sells reprints at
a reasonable price, through credit cards and an 800 number,
so you can get old articles easily and quickly. I have always
regretted that Rocks and Gems magazine had not published a
similar index, but now such an index is available through Bob
Keller's Rock Shop web page <>. You
may search for articles using keywords, or download any or
all of the index. There are a number of misspellings and
other errors to worry about, but it is a JOY to have this
now available! Thanks, Bob Keller!! Now if they would only
offer a reprint service!

When you submit to LapDigest, please give your name, and copy
the subject as it was given on the item referred to.

.and have fun!


Subject: NEW: Summer Lapidary Schools: Wildacres/Wm. Holland

Most of us Rock Hounds, (or if you had rather, "Lapidary
Artisans"), spend so much or rocks and equipment we don't
have much left for vacations. What if I told you that you
could go to the beautiful smoky mountains of either North
Carolina or North Georgia and spend a whole week with fellow
enthusiasts and be taught by the most renowned instructors in
the United States for just $225.00 per week per person, and
this includes room, board and tuition? Believe me you can do
it! I have done it three or four weeks a year for the past
ten years.

The first place I will tell you about is Wildacres Retreat,
located in The most beautiful spot in North Carolina near the
quaint village of Little Switzerland, just 3/4 mile off the
Blue Ridge Parkway at Gooch's gap. This magnificent retreat
is owned and subsidized by the Blumenthal family of Charlotte,
N.C. Non-profit organizations such as federations of Rock and
Mineral clubs, writer groups, musical folks, interfaith
assemblies and others are allowed to use the facilities for
one week per session. We lapidarys are lucky we get it
three times a year in April, midsummer and October. You must
be a member of a gem or mineral affiliate of a mineral society
to attend. They do NOT offer hook-ups for campers and mobile
homes. To get more information contact Arthur or Doris Mott,
registrars, 337 Walter Rd. River Ridge, La. 70123-2652,
Ph. 504-737-0259, e-mail Hale Sweeney one
of the long term instructors might also be gracious enough to
give you information on how to apply for this wonderful
learning experiences. The rooms are for double occupancy.

The other ideal vacation place is the William Holland School
of Lapidary Arts, located between Young Harris, Georgia and
Wayne, North Carolina. It is two and one-half miles north of
Young Harris and three miles south of Wayne. It is very near
the gorgeous Lake Hiwassee, the beautiful mountain home of
the Cherokee tribe who were displaced from their lands and
forced to walk to Oklahoma territory for resettlement.

This schools offers camper and mobile home hook-ups. The
buildings are not as plush as those at wildacres, but no less
enjoyable. It also has the advantage of being available every
week from May thru the last week in November. The rooms are
air conditioned and are for double occupancy. You might wish
to come with a friend or spouse, or otherwise you might get a
room mate you might not wish to spend a week with. In all
fairness I have drawn two such room mates in the years that I
have attended that I have formed life long friendships with.
For more information contact William Holland School of
Lapidary Arts, P.O. Box 980, Young Harris, Georgia
30582-0980, Ph. 706 379 2126. This school was built by "Rock
Folks" who donated time and money for it's construction.

Can you think of a more affordable vacation where not only is
the scenery some of the best in the United States, but a whole
week spent with colleagues who share the same love for rocks,
gems and arts that you do. Give yourself the greatest vacation
and learning experience you have ever had and apply for a week
at one of these schools. If you do you will probably do it
again and again!!!!. Both retreats have web pages.

Bill Jones
3082 Maple Avenue
Milan, Tennessee 38358

Non-commercial republish permission granted.
(Ed.Note: The above is a completely unsolicited notice, and I
thank Bill for submitting it. Matter of fact, I will be going
up to Wildacres late next week for a week's stay. Why not try
to get to one of the sessions -- the price is right! It is a
wonderful vacation! hale)

Subject: RE: What Diamond Wheels Should I Order?

In a message dated 98-05-11 16:20:46 EDT, you write:

<< I am seeking opinions on the correct (best?) set of
wheels to order with the Genie >>

>From the archives: Diamond Pacific:
Excellent choice for beginners. The Nova bonding process is
very tolerant of errors in pressure and feed rate, just keep
them wet. I personally prefer to use a flow through water
system rather than the spray system that comes with the
Titan/Genie/Pixie but the spray system works. I have had some
problems with materials like jade but over all this is the
place I start all my beginning students.

I recommend starting the Genie complete as Diamond Pacific
supplies it. It comes with 80 and 220 grinding wheels, and
280, 600, 1200, and 14000 sanding wheels and 50000 diamond
compound. This is a well thought out combination and will
work on almost all stones (see the June issue of "Rock and
Gem" for a better way of handling jade).

All equipment is technique dependant to some extent and you
may find you need some different wheels or that you would
prefer belts. But there is no point in spending your money
on them until you have let experience tell you if you need
to change.

It is always a good idea to look for a local club and get
experienced opinions. They may have a shop where you can
try out equipment.

Dick Friesen

Subject: RE: What Diamond Wheels Should I Order?

The genie comes only with a 80 & 120 "Hard" wheels and a 220,
600,1200, 14000 nova wheels. There is also a 6" lap that can
be charged with diamond or your favorite oxide. The only other
wheel available in the nova series is a 8000.

You can change the hard wheels, up to a 600 is available. But
the machine comes equipped with the ones I described. The
others will be "in addition to". I can't believe you would
need anything other than what comes on the Genie. You couldn't
do with less but you don't need more. I have been using mine
for several years now. Have replaced the wheels twice now (I
cut commercially in my store), and have yet to find a need for
other than the ones that came with the machine. It is a great
machine. Just a little maintenance needed other than cleaning
it now and then. You will love it. You almost never see a
used one for sale. Everyone that has one keeps it. I have
only ran across two in over eight years of buying used
machines and reselling them.

Don at Campbell Gemstones

Subject: RE: Cutting Curved Facets

In a message dated 98-05-11 16:20:46 EDT, you write:

<< Can anyone point me to a company that makes or sells
faceting machines /equipment for cutting convex/concave
facets. At one time there was a company called Polymetrics
which did this, but I can't find it. >>

Duncan, Polymetrics is still in business, I just sold one of
their "Optically Magnified Facet machine". It is quite a
piece of machinery. In addition though, you will need a head
from a standard mast faceting machine. If you will contact me
directly, or thru the faceters digest (
we will get you all the info you need. By the way, I think
this Digest excludes faceting questions and refers them to the
Faceters Digest. Most of us subscribe to both though.

Don at Campbell Gemstones

Subject: Re: Cutting Curved Facets

Hi Gang:

Noticed several equipment and supply related questions over
the last couple of days, in particular Duncan's below. Please
allow me to suggest that if you have any questions on a product
for any of the lapidary related fields, send a copy to Louis
Irons of Irons Lapidary. They're newbies on the internet, but
long time dealers in Lapidary supplies and equipment.

As far as the concave faceter requested by Duncan, I know that
Mr. Irons has at least one on hand, possibly two, the name of
the unit escapes me. Seen this machine in action as demo'd by
Dick McPherson here in Phoenix.

Write to: Louis Irons,
or call 602-242-8393

Above information published with the Irons' permission.

Vincent King
Fischerstone cabbing materials

non-commercial republish permission granted

Subject: RE: Information on VIGOR Electric Burnout Furnace.


JUST FOR FUN in Doraville, Ga handles the ovens or at least
their catalog says so. I don't have a phone number handy but
they are listed in information and should be able to help.


Tim Vogle
Tim Vogle's Southeastern Exotic Bird Fair
"non-commercial republish permission granted"

Subject: FS: Butter Jade; Distributors Wanted

I am looking for distributors, wholesalers, and folks that do
shows, etc to help sell a load of butter jade that I have.
The pieces are great for carving, cabbing and for specimen

Please contact me off list for details.
Clive Knell


Subject: SHOW: Knoxville, TN Rock Swap

On behalf of Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society, I would like
to invite members of this list to attend the Annual Rock, Gem,
Mineral and Jewelry Swap to be held in Knoxville, Tennessee
May 23-24, 1998. For information, please feel free to e-mail
me with your questions <> or give me a call at
(423) 691-8603. Contact me for directions from I-40/75.
Admission: FREE!

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