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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 136 - Fri 4/24/98
2. NEW: Hydrophane Opal
3. NEW: Opal Price Guide
4. RE: Tumbling Tips (#135)
5. RE: Classic Rock Collection 4 Sale
6. BIO: Tyler Miller
7. BIO: Richard
8. FS: Frantom Combination Saw/Grinder/Polisher
9. FS: More Classic Rock


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 136 - Fri 4/24/98

Well, I am back from a week at Wildacres in the Blue Ridge
Mountains. Hope you have had as good a time during the past
week as I have!

The website:
has the gemstone enhancement manual put out by American Gem
Trade Association; if you are interested in the ethical way
to sell altered (enhanced) stones, etc., then you should read
this manual.

I am back, but off to a slow start! Be careful, and HAVE


Subject: NEW: Hydrophane Opal

I am cutting some hydrophane opal and I was wondering what I
can do to maintain the color of the stone as it appears when
it is fully saturated with water. I understand that it can be
dyed to appear as black opal but this isn't of interest to
me. Can I simply allow the stone to dry out then apply
Opticon to it? Would I do this before cabbing the stone or
after it is cut? Thanks in advance.


non-commercial republish permission granted

Subject: NEW: Opal Price Guide

Hi everyone:
I'm planning on getting into selling the opals I cut and am
in the process of learning to price them properly. I have
Paul Downing's "Opal Identification and value". His method is
based on an updated reference called The Guide put out by
Gemworld International. I see that this publication costs
175$ a year. Apparently there are other reputable guides.
Does anyone know if there is a site on the net that publishes
basic opal prices?


Subject: RE: Tumbling Tips (#135)

<<There is a new polish on the market for Obsidian, called
M-5 available thru Johnson Lapidary, P O Box 4528; Sparks,
NV 89432 (Phil & Emma Johnson).... I have tried a number of
times to reach them to no avail - Geri>>


M-5 isn't really new -- I've been using it for years.
However, the rest of your statement is correct -- M-5 works
wonders on obsidian (and other materials, too). I believe
the reason you are having trouble reaching the owners is
that they spend a lot of time attending shows whereat they
sell their product.

Paul H. Miller

Subject: RE: Classic Rock Collection 4 Sale

For whatever reason, my signature was scrambled in the most
recent issue, and people cannot get to my URL. Can you please
issue it corrected as below? I am getting complaints out the

Tim Fisher /
Ore-Rock-On and Pacific Fishery Biologists WWW Sites:
See naked fish and rocks!

Subject: BIO: Tyler Miller

My name is Tyler Miller and my wife (Barbara) and I are
fairly new to the Lapidary arts and so far have had untold
fantastic hours on the shores of the Great Lakes collecting,
and we have made a few nice finds.

I am retired military, (28 Yrs, 5 Mo and 1 Day) retired as a
First Sergeant from The U.S. Army. We have 2 children,
both of which are married, one is in the Air Force stationed
at Beal AFB in California and the other in Houston Texas.

Tyler Miller

Non-commercial republish permission granted.

Subject: BIO: Richard

Hi, I have been reading for quite some time but have never
contributed. Partly because I'm not into the Lapidary arts
as much.

I am a FlintKnapper. I make arrowheads and projectile points
of various sizes and colors. I work mainly with Flint,
Novaculite, obsidian of various colors and glass. About the
only Lapidary type product I use is 60-90 grit to grind the
tough spots off of rocks. I probably will buy a wet/dry
Grinder when I find a good used one as well. I started a
club in Dallas called the DFW Knapper's Club. The Dallas
Morning News did a story on my club back in November. We
get together to do what we call Chipping.

Thanks to all of you regular contributors to the Lapidary
Digest it's been educational. I'm wondering if any of you
might know of a way to Chemically change the Color of Flint?
Or where or How I might get colored Glass that is at least
1/4 inch thick?


non-commercial republish permission granted

Subject: FS: Frantom Combination Saw/Grinder/Polisher

I'm moving soon and would like to sell my FranTom combination
unit - Two 8" grinding wheels, a 9" diamond saw with
auto-feed vise, motor, plexiglass shield, and an end arbor
that holds an 8" pad sander/polisher or the 2.5" drum sander.

Kingsley North offers a Star Diamond 6" unit that looks just
like mine. Their list price is $786 and is on sale til
August for $640.

Drop me a personal message if you are interested.

The unit weighs about 80 lbs. and could be shipped. I
should be able to deliver it to most NC, SC, and
Augusta-Atlanta area destinations.

Michael Rauschkolb

Subject: FS: More Classic Rock

Thanks everyone for your orders from the Classic Rock
collection. You are helping me to achieve my lifetime goal of
having less than two tons of rock in my yard! I've done some
more back-breaking (read: inventory) and I have 177 lots on
the web site. I'll get done with the inventory today, and
depending on how tired I am, may get the rest of the
collection on the WWW tomorrow or Monday. Some new stuff:
1960s Graveyard Point white plume, McDermitt picture jasper,
Beacon Hill agate nodules, Eagle Rock moss agate, Lassen
Creek rainbow obsidian.

You can access the page through my URL below, just click on
Classic Rock in the lefthand menu bar when you get there.

Tim Fisher, 1995 President, Pacific Fishery Biologists
Ore-ROCK-On Rockhounding Web Site
PFB Information
WWW naked fish and rocks!
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