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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 135 - Thurs 4/16/98
2. RE: Who Makes Equipment for Cutting Diamonds?
3. RE: How Do I Renew Silicon Carbide & Diamond Belts?
4. RE: Tumbling Tips
5. FS: Classic Rock Collection 4 Sale


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 135 - Thurs 4/16/98

This issue is kinda skimpy; you want a fatter issue? Then
send something in!!! (smile)

I go to Wildacres tomorrow to teach cabbing - Wish me luck!!
The next issue will probably be out next Friday, if there is
enough to publish!! (I have noted that when I tell you that I
will be away for a few days, the incoming mail dries up!!)

In the meantime, look at and smell the flowers -- they will
be gone soon enough!!

Stay safe ... and have fun.


Subject: RE: Who Makes Equipment for Cutting Diamonds?

Rubin & Son in New York,but I saw them closing the store on
47th Street recently. Here is last number I have:
(212)840-3331. You could also call the Diamond Dealer's club
or look up at Rappaport's web site: <>

Fine Rough Dealers Since 1970

Subject: RE: How Do I Renew Silicon Carbide & Diamond Belts?

Paul Miller was a good bit more diplomatic than I would have
been; my answer would simply have been, "You Don't!"
Impregnating the belts is an industrial process, and as such,
if it is attempted to be duplicated at home, it ends up, if
it can be done at all, more expensive and less satisfactory
than the original. The rest of Mr. Miller's remarks are
right on!

Ted Robles

non-commercial republication rights granted

Subject: RE: Tumbling Tips

I have found that if you run 2 tablespoons of tide(flake
style)(per 12# tumbler) in between the different grits it
will clean them nicely and takes of a lot of excess grit that
is left on the stones....even when you think you have it all
off. I also use rubber bands in all of my tumbling as a
cushion. Easier to clean and to remove from the stones.

There is a new polish on the market for Obsidian, called M-5
available thru Johnson Lapidary, P O Box 4528; Sparks, NV
89432 (Phil & Emma Johnson).... I have tried a number of
times to reach them to no avail ... phone number is
702-476-0152. I haven't tried this summer though.

Hopefully this will be of some help.

Geri Arms

Subject: FS: Classic Rock Collection 4 Sale

I've added a section to my Web site which details the
contents of a lapidary rough collection I recently obtained.
(snip) I would like to sell it by the bucketfull, so whole
lots are priced at keystone levels. The collection is heavy
in petrified wood, obsidian, agate, and carnelian. Minerals
are virtually absent. Most is in rough form but most buckets
contain some cut pieces and there are whole buckets full of
miscellaneous cut pieces and slabs. Some materials I have
inventoried so far include Plush sunstone, Carey plume agate,
Spencer opal, Roosevelt, Saddle Mtn, and Yakima Firing Range
opal wood, Bear Creek wood, Lassen/Davis Creek rainbow
obsidian, and many buckets of glacially deposited carnelian,
agate, and wood. I invite everyone to come on by and
check out the first 100 or so lots, which went up on the site
today. There are at least 100 lots to go and I'm scanning in
examples of more materials as fast as I can cut and sand them.
The whole thing goes up in a yard sale the first weekend in
May, so after that the pickings may get slimmer.

You can access the page through my URL below, just click on
Classic Rock in the left hand menu.

Tim Fisher, 1995 President, Pacific Fishery Biologists
Ore-ROCK-On Rockhounding Web Site
PFB Information
WWW naked fish and rocks!
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