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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 117 - Mon 2/23/98
2. RE: Transferring a Cutting-Image from Copy to Slab
3. RE: Expanding Drum Question
4. RE: Treating Bisbee Malachite-Azurite
6. BIO: Paul Maloney and Katherine Waters
7. BIO: Don Brenholtz


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 117 - Mon 2/23/98

Well, I went to a workshop this past weekend and learned how
to manipulate Precious Metal Clay into jewelry items. It
wasn't lapidary but it was very enjoyable. It was taught by
Tim McCreight, the fellow who wrote the Complete Metalsmith.
That was my first workshop in about 8 months, and I loved it!
Made a pin for Anne and a bola for me- silver with a silver
Kokopetl on it! And a few prcatice pieces. All in all, a big

Now back to Lapidary -- I am updating the indices up through
Issue 113, and they should be ready by Wednesday. They are
getting so large that I must break them in parts, and that is
the main reason for the delay. Check DIR to find their names
after Wednesday.

Membership is now approaching 870!! Take care and be sure to
enjoy life!! Make the people around you happy!


Subject: RE Transferring a Cutting-Image from Copy to Slab

In regard to silicone resin coated release paper for image
transfer- The backing of laser printer pressure sensitive
labels has been shown to be VERY slippery in passing through
compact copiers and laser printers.

An easy source of much less slick silicone paper has been
found- Dick Blick Art Materials has an excellent item
(#6108) called "Transfer Paper". They currently sell this
in 100 sheet packages for $12.90. Their paper is 12"x12"
and must be trimmed for most copiers/printers. Dick Blick
stores are found widely in the USA and there is an
internet address as well:

George Butts

(non-commercial republish permission granted)

Subject: RE: Expanding Drum Question

In a message dated 98-02-20 10:49:34 EST, you write:

Greetings fellow hounds:


For what it's worth, the expandable drum I have on my unit
has inserts that keep it centered on the shaft. Is it
possible that these spacers on your unit are not completely
set? Once again, I find myself assuming yours is the same

<< I just completed constructing my Cabmate unit.<<edit>>
The Drum vibrates like crazy, it is ~ 1/8" out of round.>>

<<My question: is this normal for these expanding drums?..
.(skip).. Or do I have a defective drum, perhaps mismolded?>>

These are supposed to be run smooth. Goeff's list of
possible defects should take care of your concerns.


Subject: RE: Treating Bisbee Malachite-Azurite

If you are the hands on type, and have some suitable material
to stabalize, try this easy method. It's been published once
on this list, and will soon be placed upon the revised web
site of KRE.

>From your favorite hardware store, get your self one kit of
330 water clear epoxy, the two part system, and one pint of
acetone (very flammable). Mix the three components in a
glass jar, taking care to be sure disolving is thorough.
Place material in jar, for one week. Turn material over and
allow to soak for another week. Remove from jar, and let set
for one more week before attempting to cut.

Wear gloves, unless you don't mind having your fingers stuck
together. Mix and open only in a well ventilated are. Store
in a cool place.

<<There are several types of materials which (work) well for
such.<<edit>>You may need to repeat the
process a couple of times to make a complete cure.

Thanks for a second method, Gil! Will give it a try.



G'day; Instead of using a Variac (variable auto-transformer)
to control the input to a step-down tranformer, if the
current drain is not more than about 2 or 3 amps one could
use a domestic light dimmer.

I have one with a switch mounted on a shallow box with a
proper mains plug on the input side and a mains socket on the
output side. I have a car battery charger which I plug into
the dimmer output socket. I use this simple setup to control
the charger for running a plating or deplating bath, a
(home-made) vibrating chain polisher, and anything else that
needs a controlled DC current. I also have a (home-made)
pyrograph device which I use for hot-writing on the turned
wooden bowls I often make, and connect that to the 4v
high-current stepdown transformer directly.

Incidently you might be interested to know that in New
Zealand our mains voltage is 240v at 50cps and despite the
much higher voltage than America has, electrocution from our
ordinary mains supply is surprisingly rare. One which does
come to mind is the chap who used an old un-earthed
metal-sheathed mains drill whilst standing barefoot in the
stainless steel tray of a shower.....!!!

The forgoing material may be used for whatever purpose you


John Burgess
Nelson, New Zealand
Ed. Note: John, This is a bit hard to comment on, but I want
to start by saying that you and I have completely different
languages for talking about our electrical services, and also
different services. This makes communication and understanding
difficult. For example, here we say "grounded"; you say
"earthed". I am not sure that words that seem the same really
mean the same. Thus I am reluctant to comment. hale)

Subject: BIO: Paul Maloney and Katherine Waters

Paul and Kathrine,
Welcome to the group, the talent available here is unmatched
for answering your questions, and am please to say the ego
level is extremely low.

Happy Cutting!


Subject: BIO: Don Brenholtz

Hello everyone:
I am shop instructor with the Central Texas Gem & Mineral
Society in Abilene Tx. We meet every monday night at the
workshop so that members can use the equipment. From time
to time we also have clases in silversmithing , wire
wrapping and other things.

I grew up hunting fosils in central Texas & have beem into
lapidary for several years.

BTW, the easiest way to clean saw oil is to put into a
container and just let it set. Usually by the time you are
ready for it the sludge will have settled out. The paper
bags work well also.

Don, the ramblin rockhound

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