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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 112 - Fri 2/6/98
2. NEW: Disaster at Tucson
3. NEW: Treating Bisbee Malachite-Azurite
4. RE: Crystals in Black Jade


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 112 - Fri 2/6/98

We are sort of sparse on items in this issue. I have found
that most new items come in within 24 hours after an issue is
sent out. Thus when we have only a few items, it generally
doesn't pay to wait to see if any more items are going to
come in, and that is the case today.

Please remember to include the words "non-commercial reprint
permission granted', so clubs may pick up items and use them
in their club bulletins.


Subject: NEW: Disaster at Tucson

I just wanted to get the word out that there's been a major
disaster at the Tucson Show. Last night during a storm, the
main tent at the Congress Street Expo completely collapsed.
It was a very large tent with tens of thousands of square
feet and occupied by scores of mineral, rough and equipment
dealers. The tent was closed when it collapsed so
fortunately no one was killed or injured. However, the
damages due breakage and water could easily run into the
millions of dollars.

I surveyed the scene there today and am preparing an
initial report with some pictures which will be posted
to the '98 Show report pages at Bob's Rock Shop late

I'll update this report page on the tent disaster at the
Congress Street Expo as more information is released by
local media, the show promoter, and gleaned from those
who were there.

Bob Keller

Subject: NEW: Treating Bisbee Malachite-Azurite

I have about 1 kilo of old chatoyant malachite/ azurite from
Bisbee. Am I correct in my assumption that prior to cutting
this material it must be stabilized? Is this a problem for
opticon? Any feedback will be appreciated.

Chris Johnston
Omaruru Namibia


Subject: RE: Crystals in Black Jade

<<Recently I won a couple of slices of jade in a contest at a
rock show. It is black, and if you look closely you can see
a pattern of delicate black crystals across it. I am told
they are an iron mineral, maybe magnetite. Is there, perhaps,
a procedure to trace the crystal design with a deposit of

R. McArthur:

If the crystals are magnetite, (I personally have only seen
the silver variety in black jade) cut your cabs, being
careful as the magnetite will undercut. After getting a good
polish, use a 24k Plating pen; you will most likely have to
go over it twice. But they come out Awesome.

Al Zabinski

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