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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 106 - Sat 1/17/98
2. NEW: Cutting Red Silicate
3. NEW: Attachments to Semiautomate Cabochon Making
4. NEW: Build an Ultrasonic Drill?
5. Re: Drilling Holes in Lapidary Items (Wiring)
6. RE: Need Pump/Spitters to Retrofit to Old Genie
7. BIO: Chuck Talley
8. SCHOOLS: Miami, FL
9. Note: Greensboro (N.C.) G&M Club - Feb. meeting
10. FS: Tanzanian Emerald

Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 106 - Sat 1/17/98

I would like to present information on lapidary bandsaws and
ringsaws, hopefully comparing the good and bad points of each
make. If you have a band saw or ringsaw, please write and
tell us about it, the make and model, and your experiences
with it. This will be good information to share with the

Jim Schnell writes below asking for information on these
attachments for cabbing machines which control the motion of
the preform to allow one to generate "perfectly shaped" cabs.
I guess we have all seen these in the catalogs. If anyone has
tried them out, please write a summary of your experiences
for al of us!

Each author is requested to write the words
"non-commercial republish permission granted" at the end of
every item submitted. This gives permission for others to
use your item for such non-commercial purposes as club
bulletins. Please use those four words at the end of each
item you submit.

So please don't forget to write and send in
..any questions you have, for the next issue,
..information on the lapidary schools in your region,
..your favorite lapidary tip,
..your biography,
and remember to send your messages to

Drive carefully, stay safe, and I hope your life is peaceful.
Above all, have fun!


Subject: NEW: Cutting Red Silicate

Hi Everyone: Has anyone other than me tried cutting the Red
Silicate from Australia? This is some really neat and
beautiful stuff. It is Natronambulite in Rhodonite. It's
color range is hot pink to ruby red. it is 7+ hardness and
takes a really nice polish.

I purchased some a week or more ago from a Brian Evans
<> This was my first purchase from him and
the materials and price were fine with me. This is a new
material for me and if anyone out there likes cutting
materials like gel sugilite, chrysocholla gem silicate, and
fine chrysoprase you will want a piece of this for your
collection. Red translucent (true red) is not all that
abundant in nature so since I ran across this I thought I
would let you know : at this time there is some available.

I cut it with diamond on a fairly new (3 yrs) genie. I've
cut 2 stones of this material; one using diamond all the way
to 50,000 and the second with diamond to 14,000 and polished
with Magi's alumina oxide. They both looked great. I will
experiment further with tin oxide on smooth leather (like
cutting gel sugilite). Oh, by the way, I polished the second
on the standard cloth pad with alumina. I suppose you would
not have a problem with cerium polish either since the
material is hard and not porous.

I'll keep you informed; I will be cutting more this weekend,
with this lovely weather we're having here in NC.

Take Care All,

Subject: NEW: Attachments to Semiautomate Cabochon Making

One thing I'd be interested in is anything about gizmos
(home-made or purchased) for pre-forming and doming cabs.
Once before, I posted a query about that kind of equipment
and I got a wonderful response. But it was mostly about high
volume (expensive) production equipment. I'm more interested
in low volume, mostly something to take the guess work out of
hand grinding cabs. Right now, it's just a spare time hobby
with the added benefit of being able to sell the fruits of
our labor on the side.

I've seen a couple of things advertised like the Gy-Roc Cabber
and the Graves pre-forming/doming add-ons to the Cab-Mate. It
would be nice to hear if these things actually work and how
long they last.

Some of the limiting factors I see in these little units is
the size of the cab and radius of the dome and if they can be
adapted to fit on different grinding equipment.

Schnell, Dennis J (Jim)

Subject: NEW: Build an Ultrasonic Drill?

In the latest issue, Bob Woolerey mentioned a home-built
ultrasonic drill, in which an ultrasonic driver was chucked
in a drill press, and the drill bit was chucked in the
ultrasonic driver (I presume). Does anyone else have more
info on how this is done? Is there some sort of feed for
the grit slurry, or is that done by hand? And what is the
nature of the "ultrasonic driver"? Enquiring minds want to
know! :-) This sounds like a cool project.

Ed. Note: Cater, look in the Archives, particularly digests
#80 (3) and #81 (5). Also, I have more information which I
will present in an upcoming issue. hale)

Subject: Re: Drilling Holes in Lapidary Items (Wiring)

Use of GFIS outlets.

One GFCI can be used to protect all outlets connected on the
same circuit provided you locate it at the first outlet on
the line and wire it as noted with the instructions.

If the circuit is sized/protected for 20 amps, use a 20 amp
GFCI; if the circuit is sized/protected for 15 amp GFCI, use
a 15 amp circuit.

For individual outlets size the GFCI for the anticipated


Subject: RE: Need Pump/Spitters to Retrofit to Old Genie


Regarding the water problem and various solutions.. I was
having similar difficulties and while going through the local
surplus store found a box of small bilge pumps that uses 12
volt dc power. The cost was reasonable at $7 or $8 and pumps
at 450 gal per hour. Physical size is 3" x 3-3/8" on the base
x 4" high. The output is 1/2" and made to accept flexible
plastic tubing and clamps.

If the person would like one I will be glad to pick another
one up and send it out. Total cost would not exceed $12.00
including shipping.

Paul Davis

Subject: BIO: Chuck Talley

Hi: My name is Chuck Talley. I live at 1001 Clearwater Pl.,
Lake Havasu City, AZ., 86406.

I am brand new to the lapidary field but am interested in
this field very much and am enjoying the digest. I have two
pieces of equipment that I am restoring to make cabs with.
Will be 70 years young the 20th of February, so hope I am
around for awhile to use my machines.
Sincerely yours

Subject: SCHOOLS: Miami, FL

The Miami Mineralogical Lapidary Guild, Miami Florida teaches
lapidary and other classes at the Miami Museum of Science.
Courses include: casting, smithing, cabbing, and faceting.
For further information, contact Mr. Aaron Spector at

Subject: Note: Greensboro (N.C.) G&M Club - Feb. meeting

The February meeting of the Greensboro Gem and Mineral Club
will be held February 2, 1998 at the Natural Science Center
in Greensboro, NC. The meeting starts promptly at 7:30. The
Center is located on Lawndale Drive in Greensboro.Our speaker
will be Marlene McCally from Guilford College Geology
Department. She will be giving a "hands on" discussion on
mineral identification.

Mark Case

Subject: FS: Tanzanian Emerald

EMERALD from Sumbawanga, Tanzania; TOP CAB GRADE ROUGH
This is a beautiful top color and quality semi opaque
emerald for top cabochons and inlays. Pieces range from .5
grams up to 3 grams with most in between. Only $2.00 per ct.

Gemstone Brokerage Associates Ltd. Telephone (518)438-5487
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