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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 88 - Sun 11/30/97
2. NEW: Refurbishing a Star Diamond VL-16
3. NEW: Breaking Glassy Rocks for Tumbling
4. NEW: Question for recent GIA grads
5. RE: Lapidary Glues and Cements


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 88 - Sun 11/30/97

We now have 650 members, with more than 60 members outside
the US. Some Canadian members have .com extensions rather
than .ca extensions, and thus I cant distinguish all the
non-US members. But of the ones with recognizable country
codes, we have:

Canada 20
Australia 7
United Kingdom 6
Norway 4
Germany 3
Sweden 3
New Zealand 2
Russia 2
South Africa 2
Belgium 1
Bulgaria 1
Denmark 1
Spain 1
Finland 1
Italy 1
Namibia 1
Neatherlands 1
Pakistan 1
Singapore 1
Taiwan 1

About home-made lapidary equipment: Cate Harrison has posted
a series of articles she wrote detailing how she built a rock
tumbler and two different all-in-one cabbing machines. Some
of you may have read these articles when they first appeared
on the Eclectic Lapidary. They now have a permanent home at
her site at: Cate may be
reached at: <>

Sometime down the road, I want to do an issue on lapidary
schools available in the US and abroad. If you know of any
schools, please write and tell me about them so they may be
included in our list.

Be safe and stay warm and above all, enjoy!!! Have fun!!!


Subject: NEW: Refurbishing a Star Diamond VL-16

Our club has a Star Diamond VL-16. We need to refurbish it.
It is missing whatever goes on the bottom of the pan. Does
anyone have an owners manual for this model? I need to
replace the bearing surfaces.


Subject: NEW: Breaking Glassy Rocks for Tumbling

I am not sure if this topic has been dealt with before. I am
looking for techniques, advice on minimizing cracks when
breaking larger rocks for use in rotary tumblers. I have been
working with Amethyst and conglomerates and notice that the
pieces come off with large or fine cracks in them. I try to
break up the rocks using a 2 pound hammer and hardened steel
chisel on metal block padded with cardboard and styrofoam.
I have tried applying different forces by varying the height
of the hammer and how hard i hit the chisel.

Any and all Ideas are welcome.


Dan Otcherre
non-commercial republish permission granted

Subject: NEW: Question for recent GIA grads

I was pondering the thought of getting my GIA. Would someone
who has recently completed the certification mind telling me
how much it cost you for the schooling and the necessary
equipment? Thank you.

Subject: RE: Lapidary Glues and Cements

Dear Hale,
I used to use the Loctite product called 'potting compound'.
It sounds like the same stuff. The problem was that I needed
a product that I could vacuum induce into fine cracks in
opaque materials. According to Loctite, the material down in
the crack, hidden from the light, would not harden. So I
switched to HXTAL which is a two part epoxy of very high
Best regards,
(Ed. Note: Thom, Whether it is the same as potting compound,
I don't know, but I guess that no UV activated adhesive will
cure in the dark recesses of an opaque material, and for that
application,it makes sense to use a self curing adhesive like
an epoxy resin. Hunt's examples were all with materials
through which light could pass, as were the ones cited by
Marshall Snapp in Issue 87 (opal triplets). And before I end
this note, I want to thank you,Thom, for all the good advice
you have brought to this list! It is sincerely appreciated.



We will be selling at the following show in January; stop by
and say hello!

Jan 24 & 25
Everett Rock & Gem Show
National Guard Armory
2730 Oakes
Everett, WA
Sat 10 to 6
Sun 10 to 5

Thanks BETTY and RUSS
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