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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 87 - Wed 11/26/97
2. RE: Lapidary Glues and Cements
3. RE: Victoria Stone (19-2)
4. RE: Victoria Stone
5. FS: Rainbow Moonstone Cabs
6. SHOW: Brooksville, FL


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 87 - Wed 11/26/97

For our American members, I hope you have a very Happy and
Joyous Thanksgiving. For many of our members outside the US,
I want to tell you that the holiday is not really about
eating, but is about being with family and friends and
remembering just how grateful we should be for all we enjoy.

The next issue will probably be on Monday, if you remember to
send in queries or answers.

Be safe, and above all, have fun!!


Subject: RE: Lapidary Glues and Cements

Here is the Technical Data Sheet on the UV adhesive which
Marshall Snapp wrote about in Issue 86. This came from
Loctite's technical fax line.
Part No. COA-1

High strength, fast curing, single component adhesive,
specially designed for bonding crystal to crystal, glass to
glass or glass to metal. It cures with exposure to natural

Crystal, glassware, glass figures, chandeliers, broken glass
panels, windows. Intended for permanent bonds. Not for use
on tinted windows.

-No measuring or mixing
-No clamping or heating
-Clear, almost invisible bonds
-Fast cure with UV exposure
-Forms strong, permanent bonds
-Resistant to most solvents

UNCURED STATE BASE: Urethane Acrylic resin
VISCOSITY: 2500 +- 500 CP
SPEED OF CURE: 10 sec. in bright sun; 1-2 min other
COLOR: Clear amber
TOXICITY: Low (see cautions)
FLASH POINT: Above 200 F (93C) TCC
SHELF LIFE: 1 year minimum
CURED STATE: Clear polymer:Transmission.98* Refr.1.47
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -65 F to 195 F (-55C to 90 C)
RESISTANCE: Most Solvents and water
TENSILE STRENGTH: 1400-2000 psi (steel to glass)

1)Clean and dry all surfaces, use mineral spirits or

2)Uncap the syringe and apply enough adhesive to cover one
of the surfaces.

3)Keep away from bright sunlight. Position parts and hold
together firmly.

4)Wipe excess with tissue dipped in mineral spirits before

5) Expose bonded area to daylight, in window or outside. on a
bright day will bond in 10-15 seconds. For cloudy days, allow
1-2 minutes. Will fill

Skin and eye irritant. contains acrylic acid and methacrylic
eater. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15
minutes, seek medical attention.
Where to buy it? I called Loctite, and was told that it was
sold by Builder's Square, Home Depot, Walmart and kMart. I
found it at Home Depot.

While they specify sunlight for curing, they did say that the
adhesive applied to a quartz cap and positioned on a piece of
opal will be cured if exposed for 10 seconds to a UV lamp of
around 365 nanometers wavelength at 10 milliwatts.

Subject: RE: Victoria Stone (19-2)

George Maul wrote:
<<I am curious if there is any secret to cutting Victoria
Stone. Before I destroy any, should I watch for any special
way to look at this stone.>>

No big secret. Look at it the same way you would any stone
which has directional color. As for cutting, later messages
are correct: use light pressure. I used (ran out of rough
-frown- ) well worn si carb.belts in 220, 400, and 600 before
polishing with cerium oxide on felt buff. Keep the buff wet.
One of my wife's favorite pendants is a 40x30 made from the
green colored material.

Earl English

non-commercial republish permission granted

Subject: RE: Victoria Stone

To the one asking about how to cab Victoria Stone. I have
cabbed a good bit of it and you do it just like obsidian but
is easier to polish.I use cerium or tin oxide on soft leather
buff. It's beautiful stuff and mineralogically it's the same
as jade - but that's all!

Subject: FS: Rainbow Moonstone Cabs

Hi fellow lapidarists,

I received a consignment of some Rainbow Moonstone cabs
already cut and polished. Would anyone like one for their
collection? $1/ct. Please contact me off list. They go back
in about 3 weeks.

Subject: SHOW: Brooksville, FL

The GEM AND MINERAL SHOW at Brooksville, Fl will be held at
the Fairgrounds on December 5, 6 & 7.
Free Admission and Free Parking
We have several dealers and this a really nice show.
Jerry Johnson Springhill is the Show Chairman.
We love to have children.
Friday lots of school children come with teachers.
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