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1. LapDigest News for Issue No. 38 Fri Sat 8/1/97
2. RENEW: Vibrating Lap Grit (was 27-2)
3. RENEW: Orienting Cat's Eye Aquamarine (was 31-2)
4. RENEW: Carving Mexican Opal (was 24-4)
5. RENEW: Polishing A Star Ruby (was 23-3)
6. RENEW: Cutting/Orienting Rainbow Obsidian (Was 20-2)
7. RENEW: Tiger-Eye Treatment (was 13-1)
8. RENEW: Polishing Intarsia (was 3-3)
9. BIO: Albert Alberth


Subject: LapDigest News for Issue No. 39 Fri Sat 8/1/97

I have no new lapidary items to post today, as none were sent in. So it is RECYCLE time again. I went back into the Archives, and looked at the old queries which did not get answered, and am reposting them once more!
The thing is this: no queries from you, no answers from you means no Digest to you. A Digest can only be sent when there are some messages to send.
Bill Cordua, Professor of Geology at the University of Wisconsin - Riverview has written a paper for the Digest on hardness of lapidary materials - how to define hardness and measure it, and what it means. This paper is of such length that it will be published as a whole issue. Please send in - starting now - any questions you have about hardness, specific gravity or any of the other measures which characterize the materials we use. We will try to put together a couple of issues just on material characteristics.
One member of the list has a housekeeping problem for which we have tried to find a solution. When he prints out a Digest, he gets partial sentences and cut-off sentences. He has tried saving the Digest to a file and printing the file, but the same problem recurs. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

Another member said that the text runs off the screen and she has to scroll to see the ends of each line.

We have checked our software with the software developer. The software does not do anything with messages except take them in and sends them out. It does not reformat messages. The format of a message depends on the format given the message by the sender's software, except for the Digest News section, which I write. I try to give all sentences in that section hard returns.

And a note to everyone in the midwest. There will be a gala celebration honoring Betty Scheffler, and celebrating the Scheffler Geode mine (it is being closed to make room for a highway) on September 20th at the mine at Alexandria, MO. (For those not familiar with this mine, it is almost at the junction of Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.) Anyone desiring full information may send me an e-mail letter and I will send you the full announcement.
In addition to this list, there are two other mail lists, which are more aimed at mineral collecting and fossil collecting. The first is ROCKHOUNDS, and to subscribe to rockhounds, send a letter to and include the word <subscribe> in the body of the letter. The other is rocks-and-fossils; to subscribe, send a letter to with the single word <subscribe> in the body of the letter.

Carol Bova writes: "If you have been on the rockhounds mailing list and haven't gotten 1 or 2 posts a day, you've probably been unsubscribed by a machine glitch, and you need to resubscribe. The list is down to only 145 names. If you're getting any posts at all,you're still on the list."

Subject: RENEW: Vibrating Lap Grit (was 27-2)

Does anyone have a secret for making the slurry thicker for a vibratory lap? My 80 grit and 220 grit stay fine in the pan. The 400 and 600 grit are both light and want to vibrate out of the pan. Any ideas?

Mark Case
Randleman, NC

Subject: RENEW: Orienting Cat's Eye Aquamarine (was 31-2)

I picked up some cat's eye aquamarine a while back but I'm having some
trouble orienting the stones. I've got a polariscope but that's only
giving the center axis. How can you tell which direction the grains run
on transparent rough? I would appreciate any insights.


Subject: RENEW: Carving Mexican Opal (was 24-4)

<<In her post on the change in opal colors, in Issue #23, Carol Bova asked, almost as a by-the-way question: "In the meantime, does anyone haqve any advice to give on free form carving of Mexican opal?">>

Subject: RENEW: Polishing A Star Ruby (was 23-3)

I'd like to know what is used for a final polish on a star ruby.
Also thanks for the help on the opals.


Subject: RENEW: Cutting/Orienting Rainbow Obsidian (Was 20-2)

I have a large chunk of Rainbow Obsidian rough. I have been told that there is a special technique to cutting Rainbow Obsidian to produce a heart shaped rainbow instead of a a circular rainbow. It was explained to me once but I have forgotten the directions. Can anyone help with this.
Geri Arms <>

Subject: RENEW: Tiger-Eye Treatment (was 13-1)

I've seen nice catseyes produced from tiger-eye. I understand they use
acid to lighten the tigereye to the light honey color. Oxalic acid might
be the acid. Is someone familiar with the exact process?


Subject: RENEW: Polishing Intarsia (was 3-3)

Is there an easy way to polish intarsia made out of material with
wildly different hardnesses ? I made one with a center of ruby,
surrounded by opal, a border of azurite and the remainder of the
stone is agate. It cuts fine, but polishing haa ! Between the
undercutting and the small scratches on the opal my piece kept
getting thinner and thinner. I am going to a class in 2 weeks on
Intarsia but I am not real sure I'd want to show this one to him.
I'm sure I'd be Example of what not to do # 1.

Ken Wetz

Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 00:40:35 +1000
To: <> Welcome to the Lapidary Mailing List Digest
Subject: BIO Albert Alberth

Hi All,
I am a Sapphire miner from the Central Queensland Gemfields of Australia.
Apart from my faceting interest, I am concentrating at the moment on the
cabbing of our local black star sapphires as well as the carving of our
lower grades material. I have been mining and heat treating sapphires
commercially for the last 25 years and gemcutting for over 15years. Only
recently have I been dealing and trading sapphires.
I am looking forward to reading + participating to this list.
/\ Albert Alberth ** Old Rubyvale Rd.- Sapphire-Queensland/\
\/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~** Australia - 4702............. \/
/\ Email address: **~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/\
\/ Tel. +61 79 854278 ........... \/
\/Stop by and visit my humble site - TOPIC:the Sapphire gemfields\/
\/He sunk a shaft and struck it rich....Not once but three time..\/
/\.... He then he took his swag and went on his way ...../\
\/.... ......./\

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