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1. LapDigest News. Issue #22 Thurs. 7/10/97
2. RE: Change in Opals Colors over Time
3. RE: How do I saw a base at an angle?
5. BIO: Lewis F. Elrod


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 16:02

Subject: LapDigest News. Issue #22 Thurs. 7/10/97

Hey, friends, keep those Shop Tips rolling in!!!

Hale Sweeny
Administrator, Lapidary Digest Mail List
Durham, NC

Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 19:21

Subject: RE: Change in Opals Colors over Time

I have seen hydrophane opals, which were brown and which turned transparent
after being soaked, but they returned to their brown opacity after
thoroughly drying out. Ron's opals must have been pretty much dried out
after 5 months even though the original moisture contained in the
surface-dried opal was still in the jar. Also Ron's opals have fire, which
the hydrophanes I have seen did not. All of which suggests two questions:
Does hydrophanous opal ever have fire, and is it ever mixed with regular
opal in the same stone?


Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 08:46:14 -0700

Subject: RE: How do I saw a base at an angle?

In Issue # xx, Geri and Hale asked:

>backwards at 15 degrees, say. What kind of jig or setup do I need to hold
>it in the vice of a slabbing saw to cut the base at the desired 15
>degrees? (assume here I want to carve it after the angled base is cut.)?

If you don't need it at an exact angle you can cut at small block of
wood at the angle needed in a miter saw and glue the stone to it. Then
clamp the wood square in the cross feed vice in your slab or trim saw.

Dick Friesen

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 12:43


Thanks to Alan Silverstein, there is a good file on tumbling in the Archives, which is dynamic and which will be aded to from time to time. In addition, a list of Tumbling books (and videos) will be developed which will also be placed in the Archives. The list below is a start.

If you have a book on tumbling which you like and which is not on the list, please send info about it to me at; the info wanted is: Title, Author, Publisher, publish date, ISBM Number (if it is there) , and where one can buy it. Any comments about the book would be appreciated.

This is what we have so far:
Tumblers Guide
by Balej
Published by Minnesota Lapidary Supply
Publication date: June 1981
ISBN: 9997630319
Th e Complete Book of Rock Tumbling
by Christopher S. Hyde
Published by Chilton Book Co
Publication date: April 1977
ISBN: 0801962366
Hoffman's Rockhound Guide : A Complete How-To-Do-It Guide on
Equipment, Grit, Polish and Steps on Rock Hunting, Gold Panning,
Tumbling Gems, Gem Ident
by Charles Hoffman, Margaret Hoffman, Bert Webber
Published by Webb Research Group
Publication date: November 1991
ISBN: 0936738588
Rock Tumbling : From Stones to Gems to Jewelry
by Carolyn. Meyer
Published by William Morrow & Company
Publication date: April 1975
ISBN: 0688220223
The Tumbling Book (may be about gymnastics)
by Jack Wiley
Published by Random House (Merchandising)
Publication date: April 1978
ISBN: 0679204180
Gem Tumbling and Baroque Jewelry Making
The Victors
How to Tumble Polish Gemstones and Make Tumbled Gem Jewelry
Jerome Wexler
Pro-Am Tumble and Polish Guide
by A.V.Ridge
Kingsley North (K-N)
How to Tumble Polish Rocks into Gems
by Edward E. Smith
Rock Peddler
Published by Brennan Publishing

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 12:43:22 -0500
Subject: BIO: Lewis F. Elrod

Began in lapidary in 1994 while in college. Had to delay my interest for a
number of years but began again some 25 years ago.

Organized the Middle Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. in 1978 and
we now have over 150 members.

Served the Southeast Federation as the Tennessee Director two times
for several years. Now serving as the American Federation first Vice President.

Enjoy silver and gold work, cabbing and am now planning to begin
faceting. Hope to convince my wife, Anna, to learn more about faceting.
She just cut her first stone, a beauty, and is interested.

I operate under the name of Silver Fox Gallery (I am white headed with a
shock of hair and get teased quite a bit about it so decided to use this
name) at my home. A building will soon be ready which will give a
decent amount of space to pursue my hobbies.

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