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1. NEW: End of Beta Test
2. RE: Copyrite
3. NEW: Errors in the Article on Quartz in the Archives.
4. Welcome Letter (with Policies and Operating Procedures)

Subject: NEW: End of Beta Test

This is the last issue under Beta Test and the list will open for general
subscriptions on June 30. In the meantime, I will be in the mountains
enjoying an intarsia class and this computer will be in the shop enjoying
an upgrade! Please send queries and responses during this time to, so that when we restart, the Digest will have some

Letters to me should be addressed to

On June 29th, letters will be posted on Rockhounds, Rocks-and-Fossils,, Orchid, Faceter's Digest, and gem-and-facets-digest
announcing the opening of the Digest, and giving full instructions for

You all have received the Welcoming letter by now, either by e-mail or as
part of Digest #10. Some of you may not have gotten it, and so it is copied
below again. Please read the rules and procedures for the Digest, and in
particular, the way to specify a subject for submission. Subjects should
directly reflect the content of the submission.

See ya again on the 30th (I hope)!


Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:54:49 GMT
Subject: RE: Copyrite

Copyrite question; see ,>
This as good a rundown on copyrite as you will find. Some laws allow
excerps, paraphrasing, etc. Check it out.


Note by List Administrator: The article by Richard Busch referenced in
Howard's letter is recommended reading for all Bulletin Editors and others
interested in protecting their publications. The question is this: It is
illegal to copy items from the internet for publication, say, in club
bulletins without getting permission of each author. Is there anything we
can do so that you may pick up a thread from this Digest and use it in
non-profit publications or for non-profit purposes which will satisfy the
requirements of the law, without having to ask each author's permission.

Your comments on this are invited.

Subject: NEW: Errors in the Article on Quartz in the Archives.

There are several errors in the Archived article on Quartz, which have now
been corrected (I hope). If you previously downloaded this, please download
it again and discard the first copy.

Subject: Welcome Letter (with Policies and Operating Procedures)

Welcome to the Lapidary Mailing List Digest


My name is Hale Sweeny and I am the list operator. You may contact me
directly at < >.

This Lapidary List will focus on the cutting, carving, shaping, polishing
and assembly of rocks or minerals into cabs, special shapes, intarsia and
channel work pieces. Tumbling, slab and trim sawing, the properties and
types of stones used for our lapidary purposes, and the treatments of
these stones are all included in discussions on the Lapidary List.

It will NOT include discussions of faceting machines to produce faceted
gems. If the cutting of faceted gems is among your interests, I strongly
suggest that you cover that interest by subscribing to Facetor's Digest by
writing Jerry Dewbre at <>. Jewelry interests are
also well covered in the newsgroup

The list will usually be sent out once a day, only in digest form. There
will be occasions when I will be away and the list will not be sent out. I
will advise the list as early as possible when this will occur.

This list is managed using a piece of software called SVList, as described
on the web page: <<>>

To subscribe or to unsubscribe, send a note to <>,
with the words SUBSCRIBE DIGEST or UNSUBSCRIBE DIGEST in the subject line.
The word HELP causes a short page of helpful list instructions to be sent to
you. Old issues of Digests are archived and the list of the old issues and
other material which are available in the Archives may be obtained by using
DIR on the subject line. Then <GET> may be used on the subject
line to obtain a copy of

When the program receives a message with any of those words in the subject
line, it treats the message as a command message. For this reason, never
use one of these words: SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, HELP, DIR, GET and
WHO in the subject of a message intended for the Digest.

The command word WHO, which normally causes a list of all subscribers to
be sent to the requester, has been blocked to prevent commercialization of
our members list.

To change your e-mail address, you may first UNSUBSCRIBE DIGEST using your
connection with the old address, and then SUBSCRIBE DIGEST using the new
address connection. Sometimes this is not possible, and in those cases,
send me a note addressed to <> and include your name,
and your old and your new e-mail addresses in the body of the message,
and I will change it manually.

The rules for the list are simple. They are only four of them:

1. Stay on topic. No religion or politics, fossil hunting, looking for
lost friends, or evolution -- only lapidary topics. I know it may be hard
sometimes to know whether your topic has strayed too far from the object of
the list, but try to stay as close to the list objectives as possible.

2. Absolutely no flames - Flaming or overly argumentative or abusive
material is inappropriate, and will not be posted or may be cause for
the list owner to restrict or drop the subscriptions of those who abuse
the list.

3. Watch your language and your manners. Hopefully there will be young
people on the list and we should respect others right to not hear profanity.
Likewise, we will follow common Netiquette rules. Netiquette rules are
available from the Archives

4. The software only handles ASCII text. Do not sent attachments, photos,
HTML formatted posts, or graphic files, or any material needing translating.

If you are originating a new topic, please put 'NEW:' on the subject line of
your message, followed by the subject. If you are responding to a prior
message, please put 'RE:' as the first word on the subject line, followed by
the subject, written exactly as it was in the message referred to. Use 'BIO:'
if you are writing about yourself. As a reminder, if you are writing a
message you want posted, do not use the words: Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Help,
Who, Get or Dir in the subject line of a message, as these will be
interpreted as commands.

Most of us are familiar with the usual mailing list in which each message
is sent to each subscriber. In that type of list, if the controls are set
up properly by the list operator, then clicking on "Reply to Author" will
send your response back to the list. Many of us have our options set to
"Include message in reply", so that the whole original message is included
in the reply.

This can be very bad with Digests, as the whole lengthy Digest would be
copied to the reply. To include a copy of just one original letter in a
reply, use cut-and-paste to do this, and make sure you address your response

Only members may have messages published on the list. Messages from all
others are excluded. Also, you MUST send messages from the same address that
you used for registering.

Swapping/selling/buying are encouraged, but don't send a big list. I am
putting a restriction of 3500 Bytes on the length of messages, so long sales
lists will be cut short. If you have a long list, just send a message to
the group that you have such a list, and they can e-mail you for a copy.

Dealers are encouraged to participate--we can learn a lot from you, and
that's what this is all about. Signature messages are restricted to five

Please feel free to ask and answer any questions (but please stay on topic!!

Newcomers to the list are requested to send in a short BIO--tell us who you
are, what your Lapidary interests are, how long you've been doing lapidary,
what kind of equipment you have, and so on. Use the word 'BIO:', followed
by your name, on the subject line.

I hope this list proves useful, and that we may all learn and enjoy it!
Please send all suggestions to me at

Please keep a copy of this letter for your future use.

Hale Sweeny
Durham, NC

To subscribe to the Digest, send a message to,
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