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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 11:33:29 -0400

This is the next-to-last issue (I hope) under Beta test. The last Beta test
issue will be sent out on Thursday afternoon. Everything seems to be working
smoothly and so I will open up the list to general subscriptions when I
return from Wildacres. Please be ready with queries and answers; to help,
here are some suggested topics submitted by Brad Smith which might help us
get started:

Polishing the "difficult" materials (tiger's eye, charolite, etc.)
Stabilizing techniques for certain roughs (turquoise, etc.)
Grinding polishing techniques for odd shapes (crosses, hearts, etc.)
Primers on tumbling, diamond polishing, and other basic techniques
Doublet and triplet fabrication
Jigs and fixtures to help with special projects
Orientation of cat's eyes, moon stones and star stones

How about it? Do these raise any questions? Three threads already started
in the Beta test period, which are by no means completed, are:

Surface decorations (etching, sand blasting, gold/silver plating, gold
leafing, etc.)
How to ease copyright problems of clubs using quotes from the Digest
Techniques to fill flaws

As an example of a primer on a subject closely related to lapidary, I
placed a paper on the family of quartzes (most of which are lapidary
materials) in the Archives.

Many of you did not receive a copy of the Welcome letter. A copy is reprinted
below. If you are a new member and did not receive a Welcome letter by
e-mail, please let me know.

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Hale Sweeny
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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 12:26:10 -0400
Subject: Welcome Message

Welcome to the Lapidary Mailing List Digest


My name is Hale Sweeny and I am the list operator. You may contact me
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This Lapidary List will focus on the cutting, carving, shaping, polishing
and assembly of rocks or minerals into cabs, special shapes, intarsia and
channel work pieces. Tumbling, slab and trim sawing, the properties and
types of stones used for our lapidary purposes, and the treatments of
these stones are all appropriate subjects for discussions on this Lapidary

It will NOT include discussions of faceting machines to produce faceted
gems. If the cutting of faceted gems is among your interests, I strongly
suggest that you cover that interest by subscribing to Facetor's Digest by
writing Jerry Dewbre at <>. Jewelry interests are
also well covered in the newsgroup

The list will usually be sent out once a day, only in digest form. There
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From: Steve Speer <>
Subject: Re: Advice on Rough
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 1997 12:37 PM

You said:
< I've noticed that the price on rough differs quite a bit, and that I
often hear how rare and pricey one is getting. I never know what that

What it means is that the person saying it has some. Seriously, there
isn't a single kind of rough (save maybe black obsidian) that somebody
won't say that about.

The fact of the matter is that most rockhound type rough (sorry, didn't
see the original post so I don't know the specific stone in question) is
getting CHEAPER to buy (in rough form) than it was 10 or 20 years ago,
across the board. There are a few exceptions, but most of the stuff I
started buying was measured in $/lb, now it's cents/lb. The cost is
typically only 10 or 20% of what it used to be. The reason is simple,
the hobby isn't nearly as popular as it was a couple decades back and a lot
of old rockhounds and rock shops are dumping their accumulated inventories
for cheap before the relatives send it to the landfill when they die.


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 11:16:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Copyright Problems

At 09:13 AM 6/18/97 -4:00, you wrote:
>to release his writings for use in club bulletins .. Unless he states in
>the message that is posted that it should not be released. Oh and you should
>have a small disclainer that states that the person is responsible for his
>own postings since the mailist is a simple mail redirector ;) (gotta love
>the legaleze).From:

This is most important. And another help to avoid problems is to cut and
paste the referenced quotation, crediting it correctly.I have had only one
problem in 2 years of postings. A fellow loudly voiced his complaints about
a post he attributed to me incorrectly. He paraphrased what he thought he
had read, and put my name on it. It was another man's post he objected to.
Had he cut and paste the exact words, and taken care to label the original
sender, this would not have occured.

Mark Liccini

Gemstone Rough Dealers since 1970 U.S.MAIL
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