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From: List Administrator
Subject: NEW Enlarged Member List

Tonight I significantly increased the size of the Beta test membership, We
now have about 110 members, including everyone who wrote me in response to
my initial query of who might be interested. I want to be assured that the
software operates OK with more than 100 members.

This is Digest Number 9. The list will continue to operate in Beta test
through Thursday, through Issue #10. I will then shut down the list for
one week and begin again on June 30th. Until then, subscriptions are
closed. (I will be away for the week and the computer will be in the
shop for upgrades during that time.)

Please do not send queries, responses or command requests to the list
after midnight, Wednesday June 18. You may begin again with such queries,
responses and command requests on June 30th.

Each new enrollee should have received a Welcome letter. Please write me
if you didn't. Please read the Welcoming letter carefully as it contains a
few rules and some guidelines which hopefully will make the list operate
more smoothly.


Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 17:59:29 -0400
Subject: Re: Surface Treatment of Lapidary Objects

I did mention to Hale in private email that I am working with metallic
plating on stone and believe it is my work to which he refers in <MS7>.

With very little published information that I could find, I have explored
and developed a technique to electroplate non-conductive surfaces, in
particular- worked lapidary items. I didn't invent this, I just re-invented
the process since it seems to be VERY closely held information.

In summary, a silver pigment lacquer is coated onto a (specially cleaned)
stone surface and allowed to dry or "cure" completely. This coated area
becomes moderately conductive and copper is electroplated onto this area
from a special plating solution using very tightly controlled type and rate
of electric current. For gold plating, nickel is plated over the copper
followed by the gold. For bright nickel, the nickel over the copper is the
final step. Silver can be plated over in the usual fashion.

All plating solutions used are NON-Cyanide based but still must be handled
with respect due to 1)acidic nature (mostly), 2)natural toxicity of copper,
nickel, silver, gold, rhodium etc metal salts, and 3)many a skin sensitivity
(dermatitis) from these chemicals (some people). There are some key
safety rules like no food in the area, etc. These solutions are available
from Rio Grande (Tools & Equip Div.). There are other suppliers of plating
solution as well as the current controlling apparatus.

A 3amp 12v Radio Shack voltage regulator is sufficient to supply current for
up to 30 sq inches of plating surface! A current regulator is also required
which can be made from a few Radio Shack parts but will require a bit of
electronic knowledge to assemble. It is critical to know and control the
current (voltage follows current and is immaterial). The plating current
used is balanced against the area to be plated. One must be able to get a
pretty close estimate of such which can involve just a bit of tricky area
geometry calculation. The key pieces are a low DC voltage source feeding a
current regulator measured by a digital ammeter

WARNING! CYANIDE containing plating solutions are COMMON and sold side by
side WITH the non-cyanide based solutions. NO ONE, IN MY OPINION, SHOULD
List Administrator's Note: This is a continuation of a thread on surface
decoration of lapidary objects. Other methods used are etching by chemicals
and be 'sand blasting' through a design mask.

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 20:15:11 -0400
To: <>
Subject: RE: Advice on Rough

At 06:15 PM 6/17/97 -4:00, you wrote:

>I guess those of you who have been involved in lapidary for a long time
>might judge these things differently. I'm having trouble getting this out.
>:( I guess what I'm asking, is could any of you do a little yarning about
>the prices back then and now so we can see how the prices have been
>changing? I'm a little confused about gram weight also... can you get a cab
>out of one gram? Thanks.

A Gram is 5cts. And if you can use the whole stone,depending on shape,
specific gravity, etc you could cut a 8mm x 10mm cab.

I think I qualify as an "old timer", 27 years in the business and in the
pleasure of it. And if this turns into a thread I will spin you some tales
of big strikes, attempted monopolys, new inventions and all number of fads
I have seen since 1970. But I just want to say this for now. You don't have
to be an "old timer". These things are happening now, today. Look at
Tocantins, Brazil. In just the last 2 weeks they found 2 Emerald mines
putting out the quality of Columbian stones.There is a mad rush. 6 miners
there 2 weeks ago;now over 5,000 mostly Gypsy types from Soccoto Emerald
mines in Bahia,Brazil. The whole mess of them were just kicked out a few
months ago from Nova Era Emerald mines by the local Govenment.
A year ago a 4 year mining production of the biggest single strike of
Tourmaline in the history of Brazil finished. 47 tons super clean goods at
Morro Reddondo, Minas Gerias.That one I wrote a piece about. URL below.
What I mean to say here. It is not something of the past, some of the
greatest discoveries are happening right now. You will make them.

Mark Liccini

Gemstone Rough Dealers since 1970 U.S.MAIL
E-Mail: 107 C.Columbus Dr.#1A Jersey City,N.J.07302
Voice Mail/Fax: 201-333-6332


Date: Tue, 17 Jun 97 22:26:06 PDT
To: "Lapidary Digest" <>
Subject: RE: Copyrights question

Hale wrote: <snip>
"Does anyone see a way around this or see a solution so that material
published here could be easily used and distributed - without profit - by
and to others in the hobby? "

Not sure about the legality of a statement added to the digest message
to the effect that anything submitted to the digest could be used by
non-profit orgs. provided credit given the author(s) and the digest.

Or you might try this in the subscription file: enter in subject "SUBSCRIBE"
and in the body: "I authorize reprinting of material transmitted to the
digest by non-profit groups." with full name and email address.

Earl English

Any material written by myself, and posted to the Lapidary Digest
( may be reproduced by non-profit groups, provided
credit is given myself, and the digest.
Earl W. English 6/17/97

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 22:55:55 +0000
Subject: Re: Copyrights question

Hale, I have no problem with releasing my ownership of anything I write
in a mailist or in usenet. Perhaps you could include in the help a small
disclaimer that states that the person by posting to the mailist agrees
to release his writings for use in club bulletins .. Unless he states in
the message that is posted that it should not be released. Oh and you should
have a small disclainer that states that the person is responsible for his
own postings since the mailist is a simple mail redirector ;) (gotta love
the legaleze).

> By law, everything you write belongs to you, and is automatically copy-
> righted. This means that any query or answer you send to a mailing list can
> not be reprinted without your permission, legally speaking. But a lot of
> material published in mailing lists would be very useful republished in club
> bulletins. So to republish a thread, you would have to write each author and
> get permission to reprint their submissions.
> Does anyone see a way around this or see a solution so that material
> published here could be easily used and distributed - without profit - by
> and to others in the hobby?
Ken Wetz

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