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01  BIO:  Beth
02  RE: HR 2416: The Palentological Resources Preservation Act
03  NEW: Flex Shaft Tool advise wanted
04: RE: torch


Subject: BIO - Beth
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 19:57:26 -0700
To: <lapidary@caprock-spur.com>
From: "Beth Heesacker" <heedoesit@ispanywhere.com>

I just subscribed to the list and saw that a bio is requested. My DH and I
are new to rockhounding and are unsure whether we want to go into faceting.
Thought that this list might be a place to research this aspect.

My DH and I are in our 50s with three grown children and a couple grandkids.
We are self employed as machine quilters but with a little time on our hands
due to a slowdown in business.

We got the "bug" to rockhound on the same weekend (about a month and a half
ago) that a few garage sales had alot of the equipment we think we need. We
have a large 2 basin flat lap (maybe a home brew job), an All-U-Need, a
Nelson trim saw, a Lortone rock saw, a Crown grinder polisher and a few
tumblers. Pretty good for a few garage sales? We have also purchased some
rock and completed our first batch.

The local rock and gem group has welcomed our membership and we have taken a
couple classes on cabachons. This sounds like a fun hobby and we hope to
learn alot from all of you. Thanks.

Beth and Paul
Hee Does It machine quilting


Subject: Re: HR 2416: The Palentological Resources Preservation Act
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 23:47:35 -0700
To: lapidary@caprock-spur.com (LapidaryArtsDigest)
From: Tony <lightbender@thegemdoctor.com>

Hello Kreigh,

I doubt I will ever visit a U.S. park with intent to fossick but
I regret I cannot see the reason to panic.  The bill as you
described seemed so moronic I had to find and read it;
The Act seems to exclude casual collectors using hand tools where
the recovered fossils have a value less than $1,000.00. I would
hope that particular exclusion covers your fossil hunting. The
vehicles, goods and chattels that get confiscated had to have
been used by you to effect the extraction of the fossils in
order to qualify.

To tell you the truth I had no idea that it was ever legal for
citizens to use heavy equipment to help themselves to
scientifically valuable fossils in America's National Parks. In
Canada all fossil finds whether on private or public grounds
have to be reported and/or submitted for scientific worth before
you can do anything with them, somewhat of a chore for the
Ammolite people, Korite Corpn.. The market value of a fossil has
no relationship to the scientific.



Subject: First time posting
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 07:24:56 -0400 (EDT)
To: lapidary@caprock-spur.com
From: tackyjackie@webtv.net (Jack King)

Hope I am doing this right. I have been reading since Hale Sweeney and
met Hale at Wildacres a couple of years back and hope he is doing O.K. I
am looking for advice on which brand, model and horsepower, flex shaft
machine  is best for delicate boulder opal work. Also best places to buy
new, and, if anyone has a good used one I would be interested. Thanks,
Jack King


Subject: re torch
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 09:11:46 -0600
To: <lapidary@caprock-spur.com>
From: "jake" <efjke@msn.com>

 Please let us know how this turns out, and as for my torches, I have the
full gamut of torches available to me.
Just finished the digest post for today and found your problem to be of

Enjoyed your info on the Precision LP Gas Torch.

(This is not a list member, but someone I have corespondent with.)
Hi Eric!
Thanks for the link. That looks like an amazing torch. I have a feeling
we'll be ending up with one of those in the not too distant future! My
husband does a fair amount of casting and the rosebud tip would be perfect
for that application. and if we could get rid of the acetylene tank I
sometimes use, when I need alot of heat, that would be great!! I would be
very interested in the results you get with the torch as well as how easy it
is to hook up to American fittings. Very interesting, I must say. You are
more than welcome to use my name, and anything I may have said (unless it
was rude, then I take it back!) in any article you write. I hope that
Lapidary Journal prints an article you write about the torch. It would be a
fascinating and much needed addition to the North American market.
Barrie Edwards

  Not so long ago I wrote about what is called The Precision LP Gas Touch.
The response I got was positive, with remarks of keep us informed about the
results, these were emailed to me.  (There is more than the above.)  It was
not until Thursday until I got the regulator need to hook this up and run
it.  Sorry about that, it was beyond my control.  For those who dont
remember this is the torch that is designed for the professional jeweler, it
runs off of propane, in fact I can say and would place money on it, this is
the Real Deal, period.

  As for the torch, this thing has surpassed all expectations.  One thing
you want in a torch is heat.  I took a piece of copper and a piece of silver
and alloyed them; this easily will turn copper into a molten mass.  You can
in fact alloy and cast bronze or brass, and this is no joke.  This torch is
in fact every thing it was said to be, and I must add that I got a 0-60
regulator for a disposable can.  This is far more than I need.  In fact I
can think of no reason why you would need, or want, to open the torch full
throttle.  A club member who left earlier than when I had this up and
running insisted that you can not alloy with propane, it is not hot enough,
I wonder if he will bet, as I can use some money.

  The fact is the club I belong to uses air/acetylene, this torch is in fact
superior.  As some will recall I raised this question, as performance dose
not even come close to lab tests on what things burn at.  Propane burns in
air at 3600 in air, so why the difference.  Simply put, you have been taken
for a ride by entrenched interests.  Genetic claims their smallest air/swirl
tip burns a 3000F.  This is with the smallest screw on swirl tip.  This
drops with larger tips (all) to about 1875F, but there is no reason why this
should not be hotter, other than the fact that this is acetylene equipment
adapted to burn propane by adding different tips.

   In conclusion I will simply say that this thing kicks.  But must add that
this will take some getting use to, almost like learning how to solder all
over again, for me anyway, as I am used to air/acetylene only.

  The web site for anyone who is curious is
http://www.apecs.com.au/guild/lpgas.htm and the email is Planert@bigpond.com
also the micro welding torch is on a link. Remember that the price you see
is in Australian dollars, about 64 cents, this makes the 44a about $118, a
very attractive price.

E. Jakeman









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Subject: Fwd: AMAZING
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:51:12 -0400
To: nival1948@aol.com
From: "Frank lavin" <nival42@hotmail.com>

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