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01  RE: saw tooth facets
02  RE: Dop Popping
03  RE: saw tooth facets
04  NEW: "The Gem Merchant" excerps offered to list.
05: NEW: Petrosky Stone Found / Tamminen Quarry Revisited


Subject: Re: Saw tooth facets
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 12:13:57 -0800
To: lapidary@caprock-spur.com (LapidaryArtsDigest)
From: Don Rogers <Don@Campbell-gemstones.com>

>As I go around with the 600 lap the
>edges of the girdle facets start to look like saw teeth. High on one
>side. I do not see this on the pav. Any idea where I should look to
>correct this?

This is and indication that your dop index and your index gear are not
properly aligned.  Take a look at my Lapidary Journal article on
alignment.  You can access the copy on line at

It would be best to go through your machine in the sequence of the article
and see where you stand.

If everything else is in order per the article, there are a few additional
things that could be causing your problem.  One is that the index gear is
loose fitting on its hub and when tightened down, it is shifting.  This is
a common problem on Raytech machines and I have an easy fix for it.  I know
that other machines gear mounting might also lead to an offset gear and
cause this problem.  The other thing is that your dops are not exactly the
same diameter, and you are getting a slight offset when transferring.  Wax,
dirt, epoxy, etc on the dop, and/or transfer jig will also cause these

What you are describing though is a strong indication that your dop index
and machine index are not aligned.



Subject: Thanx for all the advice
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 13:53:17 -0700
To: <faceters@caprock-spur.com>
From: "Todd" <td_gunz@yahoo.com>

Hi all-

            I wanted to write and thank everyone sooner than this, but I
had a p/c crash, and can't get Outlook to open at all.  It locked me out
of my emails, Journal, Calendar, address book, everything.  I have my
Yahoo addy dumping into Outlook, even though I couldn't open it all the
messages went in there.  I finally went to the Yahoo site and let it
stay open until I 'caught' a digest!  I guess as long as I leave Yahoo
mail open I get things first.  I remembered I had Outlook Express too so
at least I'm getting my mail, but my whole life is run from Outlook and
I can't get to any of those things at all.

Never the less;

            Thanx for all the advice everyone gave me for the Dop
Popping problems I'd been having using Superglue.  Using several of the
techniques and tips I've yet to pop a stone off.  I think the best
piece(s) of advice were less is more, and patience.  Unless there's a
need for cold dopping I just use wax like before.  I save the glue for
heat sensitive or tiny material where I'm less than adept at wax

            I did have a question about girdles on small stones.  Many
commercially cut stones don't have a faceted girdle.  I tried this on a
piece of Red Zircon which finished out at 4.5mm, my smallest stone to
date (can you tell I cut bigger stones?)  This was the first time I'd
cut a stone without faceting the girdle.  Is it normal for a girdle
which is not faceted to be "wavy" or get thicker and thinner as it
passes the facet meet points?  I know that's not a good description but
I couldn't get a good pic of the girdle edge on.  I browsed eBay looking
at commercially cut material and couldn't get a pic of one which showed
it well off there either.

            As far as faceting the girdle is there any advantage to it? 
Does it add any extra value to a stones value?  I realize it gives a
nice look to the finished stone, but in my browsing it seems that a lot
of gemstones aren't faceted around the girdle.

            I've been crippled up pretty bad here in Denver where the
weather went from 50 last Tuesday down to 30 the next day.  It's been a
freezing rainy drizzle most of the time since then.  The only day the
temp got above the mid 50's was yesterday.  That's really put a damper
on my faceting abilities because of the spinal fusion and complications.
 I did manage that nice Red Zircon, a YAG in the Emerald Green and that
new "Tanza-like" color, a very light blue/green Afghani Tourmaline, and
a really nice piece of Rhodolite all before last week and the p/c crash.

    BTW, is there any one out there who might want to try to help me
trouble shoot this Outlook problem?  I've got the XP-Pro discs but am
lost as how to try to fix this.
            Thanx again for all the advice, take care,



Subject: Re: saw tooth gremlins
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 16:35:03 EST
To: lapidary@caprock-spur.com
From: Cutugem@aol.com

Len, The problem most likely is in the transfer. If the stone is cocked even
a tad then it will cut saw tooth. Best thing is to cut a little and look a lot
upon transfer and eyeball a straight line coming down on a crown girdle facet
and make fine adjustments with your cheater or if too far out then loosen the
dop and turn it a bit in the chuck. Less than perfect alignment is probably
the biggest bugaboo in transfering. Heck,,,,, sometimes I even get it right on.

  Dennis on the North Caost


Subject: Re: Issue No. 241 - Wednesday, November 5, 2003
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 19:52:55 -0300
To: LapidaryArtsDigest <lapidary@caprock-spur.com>
From: David Stanley <davids@mail.cdlto.com.br>

     Dear Thurmond;
            I've enjoyed participating in the give and take of the
Digest. This group seems giving and helping. A bit different than we
sometimes see in the gem trade. If you think it would be of interest I'd
like to offer 2 or 3  excerps from my newly released 2nd edition of 
"The Gem Merchant- How to be one, How to deal with one." If you think
that this would be a good idea- please ask any questions you have and
tell how many words you would like in each excerp.
   In any case, thank you for mantaining this venue.
               David S. Epstein


Hi David,  Thanks for the kind offer.  Feel free to contribute
whatever excerps you feel would be benificial to the list membership.



Subject: Petrosky Stone Found / Tamminen Quarry Revisited
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:31:10 -0500
To: "LapidaryArtsDigest" <lapidary@caprock-spur.com>
From: "Peter In Maine" <kulaczp@pivot.net>

Can't  remember  who  asked  for a  large  Petrosky
BUT......................I did find one hanging out in my rock boxes.  I
saved a bunch for my son Joe to have but this one is the biggest I had
left.....  4  inches long.......2 1/2 inches  deep  and  2 inches
tall.......Hope this helps the person in need.......Write me......

We have been digging in the old section of this quarry in Greenwood
Maine.... Nester Tamminen , the original owner worked this for years before
things got really going here in the feldspar mining industry ( long
ago )......

Got some pretty good information on where they put some of the good pocket
material and we dung down into the tree roots , probably  5 feet down.....
I entered a layer of blue clevelandite and major poundage of
montmorillonite....this is a dead give away for good things to come...!
Well we hit cucumber tourmaline crystals and tourmaline in matrix. We got
facet grade pieces laying about also. This mine also contains petalite (
rare pink mineral ) and other rare finds like fairfieldite,
hyrdoxil-herderite, eosferite, bertrandite, and of course beautiful purple
apatites......Well we found them all plus some we need to get identified...
My point here that even though this quarry has been picked over for 50 years
there is always more there to find for those who understand ....WORK.....
A person needs to dig deep and look for color........Last weekend Joe got a
beautiful milky quartz septer with a glass clean smoky top .......with a
water bubble in the smoky.........He aso found a 20 pound quartz pocket
chunk , crystals over 6 inches long and the whole piece is all double
terminated and regrowth......

Faceting was put on hold for the Summer but we are back in the swing of
things ......Working on a 300 carat smoky.......too much work at one
time.....I pick at it...

Deer season is up and running so we do not pick rocks on
Saturdays.............don't want to be a statistic........

Peter and Joe.................


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