Issue No. 91 - Friday March 21, 2003
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From the Moderator: 

Topical Focus for Next Week: POLISHING QUARTZ GEMS

One I would like to suggest is polishing different quartzes.  I think that
most everybody has had polishing problems with quartz at one time or
another.  I certainly have and it currently is driving me up the wall.
Scratches seem to show up no matter what I try.

Paul Davis

HOMEWORK for  this weekend:

Think about the experiences you have had polishing quartz gems.

What polishing problems occur most frequently?
What worked for you?
What did not work?

Lets kick off this second topic in the series of Problem Solving Clinics
with a lot of post and a big list Monday.
Have a great weekend.

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01  RE: Garnet and Dark Stone Clinic
02  RE: Garnet and Dark Stone Clinic
03  NEW:  Oltu stone
04  Jubilee Project Update


Subject: Dark stones
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:02:57 -0800
To: Faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: Bud Schroeder <bshmt@juno.com>

Hi  I can't tell you how to improve the reflection in dark stones. I can
tell you what don't work. I been doing some concave faceting. It does nothing.
The light gits lost. The best garnet was one that I polished a cone and
cut Six concave facets.

Bud Schroeder
In the center of So. Cal.


Subject: Re: cutting dark garnet rough
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:24:47 EST
To: lapidary@caprock-spur.com
From: Cutugem@aol.com

I have not had a great deal of success cutting dark garnets to speak of. I
have settled for what has become a standard cut for me. I cut the pavillion
at critical angle giving it 16 main facets. I cut the crown as a step cut. I
cut the first tier at 38 degrees matching the pavillion facets. I then cut 8
facets at 28 degrees at index settings of 96 12 24 36 48 etc.   I then cut
the third tier at 18 degrees using the star indexes of 6 12 30 42 etc. I cut
the table to meet the third tier. This has proven to get the most light out
of them that I have found. Dennis on the North Coast


Subject: Oltu stone
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 07:46:31 +0200
To: <lapidary@caprock-spur.com>
From: "birdamlasu" <fob@birdamlasu.com>

Dear all,
We have a black stone in Erzurum area in Turkey. It is called Oltu
stone. Have you ever heard of it? I new about it ofcourse but I have
never worked with it. Recently, I had the opportunity to cut some and
loved it. I have put the pictures and a little information in my
website; http://www.birdamlasu.com  
Click to mycountry and there you will see two new items.  One is Oltu
stone, the other the gemstones of Turkey. Second page is not completed
yet. But you will see there are a lot of gemstones in Turkey.
Kind regards from Turkey,
Oya Borahan


Subject: Jubilee Project Update
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 12:24:31 +0000
To: usfgfaceterslist@yahoogroups.com ,lapidary@caprock-spur.com
From: post@maiko.demon.co.uk

Just a quick note to apologise to everyone for being so slow to provide updates.  I will
send out a message later to the whole list (I promise!!!!) with full details, but
basically I have finally been getting some positive feedback from people.  Basically, the
Director of the Royal Collection has told me that the Queen is very touched, etc., but
that she would genuinely prefer it if the stones were donated to a museum or sold for
charity.  I have therefore been in touch with the Smithsonian.  Jeff Post* has told me
that the Smithsonian is very interested in accepting the stones as a donation.  The suite
is of academic interest really because of the fact that nobody in their right minds would
go to all this trouble to create a suite of matching natural citrines nowadays, when you
can grow the stuff in a lab for pennies a carat.  It's probably the last of its kind!
Obviously this represents a bit of a departure from the initial objective of the project,
but I feel that it's probably the best we can hope for.  More details to follow.  
Obviously the stones are the property of each individual cutter so it's up to you to
determine what you do with them, but I hope that people will find this acceptable.   Now
that we have all worked so hard to create this suite, I hope that we can assemble them all
into one collection for posterity.
* (very nice guy, he's their curator of minerals or gems or something, I met him when I
worked in Paris and was surprised to find that he actually remembered who I was)









PERSONALS: (General Lapidary and Faceting)




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Post something from your experiences in gemcutting today!


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