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01 New gem optimization program
02 Re: Copper laps
03 Re: Certs
04 Re: Incorporation
05 Re:non-profit
06 Re: Moving to Tucson
07 Re: Issues



Subject: New gem optimization program
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 00:19:24 +0200 (MET DST)
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: Tom Herbst <herbst@mpia-hd.mpg.de>

Dear Fellow Faceters,

I am writing to announce the availability of a new freeware computer
program called BOG: the Better Optimizer for GemRay.

BOG is a Windows-based program to assist the gem faceter in selecting
optimal pavillion and crown angles, based on a series of user-specified
criteria. These criteria include: gem brightness, illumination response,
tilt performance, sparkle, and fire or dispersion

BOG also provides a "PlayPen" in which to experiment with different
gem parameters and see their effect on optical performance. The
PlayPen provides a user-friendly interface to the GemRay program,
including interactive entry of parameters, storage and comparison of
different results, automatic evaluation of tilt performance, and a
colour renderer which attempts to simulate the appearance of real
gem material.

There is also a "Merit Function Mapper" which lets you graphically
explore a range of pavillion and crown angles for best performance.
This mode lets you instantly see the raytraced image, ISO brightness,
tilt performance, etc. as you click around on various angle
combinations (after several months of using BOG, this is my favourite

BOG is much easier to demonstrate than to explain. I encourage you
to visit:


for more information, screenshots, and download instructions.

Best wishes,

Tom Herbst
Heidelberg Germany



Subject: Copper laps
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 23:16:31 -0400
To: <faceters@caprock-spur.com>
From: "Alwyn Lawrence" <alwynl@primus.ca>

After a long silence and not having much to say I have abstained from
posting to the digest. Having had some bad experience with the poor wearing
qualities of the bonded laps and experience with manufacturers who do not
stand behind their laps that cause your dop to dip and dance on the surface
I decided to try copper laps. I found that it was difficult to find laps
that were true and very few machine shops capable of carrying out precision
machining. After a search I was able to find a shop fairly close that was
capable of good work and got copper, tin and type metal laps resurfaced to
within +/- 1/1000 of an inch of surface variation. Please make sure that
if you want to maintain a good relationship with your machine shop operators
to inform them if the laps had previously been charged. The machinist that
I used has designed a special tool to undercut the diamond layer. Most of my
work is now done on these laps and I wish that I had discovered them earlier
and saved myself a lot of the hard cash. I should be fair and thank my
instructor Mr. Al Manestar for his encouragement and instruction in trying
out these laps.
I must congratulate Jon Rolfe on his flat BATT laps use them a lot on
finishing the harder stones.
Best wishes,



Subject: Re:Certs
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 21:51:12 -0700
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: Don Rogers <Don@Campbell-gemstones.com>

I think one thing to keep in mind about Certs are that for colored stones,
they are little more that a Gem ID. In other words, they tell you what it
is, but not how good it is. Over the last 10 years, I have sent several
colored stones for a Cert, to both the GIA and other labs. In all cases,
the certs verified what I was sure of, but the customer wouldn't accept
from me, that the stones were synthetic. In all cases, little information
on the stone other than the dimensions, weight, and a basic description of
the color were given. A friend had a Russian Alexandrite of over 3 cts
certitfifed by the GIA and all it came back with was the above, dimensions,
weight, and color, plus Natural Chrysoberyl, Alexandrite. It could have
been a piece of low grade cab material, or in his case a top clarity, top
color change, well cut stone.

There may be labs that will give you a "Grade" on a colored stone, but I
know of none.

This brings up a point of interest. How do you appraise rare and unusual
stones. About four years ago, I sold a very unique faceted Mexican opal to
a good customer. The stone was without a doubt the best colorless opal with
a very strong play of fire I have ever seen. It glowed in the dark
almost. The stone was about 7 cts, trillion cut, and if memory serves me,
around 14mm in size. The customer wanted an appraisal on the stone and
pendant mounting I made for him. I always refused to do appraisals on
pieces, especially ones I had sold, so I gave him names of a few appraisers
in the SF bay area who I was sure could help him. He was bounced from one
to the other, and to my last information, has yet to get an appraisal on
the pendant. None had anything to compare it to so they couldn't come up
with a value.

My question is how does someone appraise a one of a kind stone. I suspect
that my customer had little to go on for an insurance purposes other than
my invoice, which I now suspect was very underpriced.




Subject: Advantages of Incorporation.
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 00:40:41 -0700
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: Tony <lightbender@thegemdoctor.com>

Hello Thurmond,

I am in Canada so I don't know how the American laws work but I
doubt the value of some legal registration is much less than it
is here. I scratched my head a bit over some of the comments. I
don't know how we could all become a sort of gestalt
international welfare bum. I also suspect that devising a
venture that would attract government funding would be no less
of a full time job than it would here in Canada. Issues of suit
seem equally trivial.

I don't belong to a Lapidary club but I believe the majority of
local clubs here are registered with the Provincial Government.
I did belong to a Collector Car club for many years and the
advantage of being a reporting registered organisation became
apparent when a particularly nasty piece of vehicular repression
was put before the Legislative Assembly. The government held
passing of the bill whilst it heard proposals from a group
representing all of the registered car clubs in B.C. With a lot
of hard work and many meetings the bill was eventually quashed.
It did help that a couple of MLA's were members of the Jaguar
Club and another was an executive of the RR club.

Of course I don't see this group needing to fight any
legislation but when you consider interaction with government
departments, the media, clubs, organisations or companies, being
a reporting registered organisation will afford a credible voice
to the group. We will no longer be just an internet gathering.
The hard part is the elections, executive, minutes, and
reporting, not to mention the ugly part...dues. I think this
would be the hardest part as we have all been very happy
interacting for free.

Dues may not be necessary unless of course any events needed
sponsoring. Initial costs for registration etc., when known
might be covered from donations. A creative and fairly painless
suggestion would be items of value donated and sold to list
members. I'm sure enough list members have a couple of pieces of
nice rough or something useful that they can afford to donate to
the cause. An interesting way of acquiring and qualifying a
voting membership or executive from the list.

Last but certainly not least, I think the most important part
would be the logo. Contrary to Humphrey Bogart's Mexican
acquaintance I think we should all show our badges. Do I smell a
logo competition here.

JMHO. Tony.



Subject: Re:non-profit
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 06:41:47 EDT
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: JewelryGems@aol.com


As a newcomer to the jewelry trade and a very new comer to faceting maybe I
can give some food for thought. As far as setting up a corporate structure.
Whether it is a nonprofit, or for profit. I have investigated all sides of
corporation formation involving a nonprofit organization. It is for animal
welfare. All it really affects is taxation. The amount of grants available
really don't make it worth it as far as government help.

Without being a government recognized 501C-3 charity I still am able to
solicit donations. All I did was register with the state government (PA for
me) and tell them I was soliciting donations. The big point is that IF I ever
make a profit then I will have to pay taxes on that profit. IF I ever exceed
$15000 IN PROFIT in a year then I will have to pay the $500 and become
a 501C3. Well anyone in animal welfare will tell you...profit hahahaha

So I legally may solicit funds. If someone checks with state charity board I
am listed. Each state is different, but the important laws will be the ones of the
state the Organization is founded in and has the main post office.

Either way will work.

As far as it being needed. Well, this list is all I know of to help me find
resources to learn faceting. I have found the choice of learning this trade
an excellent one. I have had great support from complete strangers.

I have had an offer to go to NYC and learn about gemstones from a major gem
dealer. I met him just by accident at a Pittsburgh Gem show. I watched these
"jewelers" fussing about with calipers muttering about degrees and fitting
their settings and looked at the man patiently tending them behind the both
and asked...'Why don't they just make a setting to fit?' They all looked at
me like I was insane and he actually giggled. He followed me about giggling
watching me as I was stunned by how people cold pass up such beauty hidden in
his little containers. I was barely able to walk after my accident and my
best friend had me in hand monitoring me and watched me spend $31 of my food
budget on some tourmalines...I kept thinking...does he know there are chrome
and tricolors in here??? Felt like I was robbing the man...LOL

I am relearning and starting over at age 42 after a Traumatic Brain Injury.
My old career I have very little memory recall of anything of the technical
job. I was a computer language Internet guru been online since before there
was technically an Internet since the 70's govt. projects. I have forgotten
more than most will ever learn about it but cannot do it for a living any
more. With every change comes some joy...

I just find that I sit in my chair sorting gemstones, carving cameos, and
grinning like the village idiot. and now I find I can earn money doing this

My goal is to learn keep learning and set up a studio where anyone can come
and learn. If the will is there then I say nurture it!

I have worked a lot with children and find their minds very open to all
possibilities. I have found no evidence of a lapidary club here so if I
continue to find none I will just have to start one. Invite boy and girl
scout troops to the studio and have some fun letting them set their own

So just a few thoughts from a greenhorn. Keep up the friendly advice and
thanks for al of those links at the bottom!

Teri Davis



Subject: Moving to Tucson
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 09:56:17 -0700
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: Dave Arens <gemstonesetc@gci-net.com>

Hi Jimmy,

>>I am moving to Tucson and interested in finding a group to facet with dig
with or other lapidary or Paleontological Clubs. <<

I live in Tucson, maybe I can help.

We've got 2 GREAT organizations here in Tucson, The Old Pueblo Lapidary Club
(OPLC) & the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society (TG&MS).

OPLC has about 200 members in is primarily interested in rockhounding, cabbing,
faceting & metalsmithing. To that end we've got our own facilities, a club
house/meeting room about 200 x 40 ft & a shop building about the same size.

The lapidary room has about 6 or 7, 8" double wheel arbors & 2 trim saws, a
flat lap & misc equip. The silver shop has 6 work benches with prestolite
torches, a rolling mill, 2 Foredoms, a buffer & misc equip. In the casting
room, theres a burnout kiln & facilities for vacumn & centrifigal casting.

There are seperate shops for silversmithing, cabbing, casting, faceting & a saw
room with 5 slab saws 10" to 24 ". The shops are open to members for a nominal
fee ($0.50/hr I think). The faceting lab has a number of faceting machine (2
Facetrons, Graves, Imperial, Ultratech & a home brew machine. There's also a
pc for Gemcad & trim saws & a wide assortment of laps & misc equip. The club has
faceting classes 2 nights a week & there's a facetors guild that meets every
Monday afternoon for cutting & friendship.

There also classes in cabbing, silversmithing, chain making, casting & other
things if there's enough interest & a instructor can be found. There are also
numerous field trips during the year.

There are 2 meetings a month, the 1st & 2nd Thur 7:30Pm. The 1st meeting is a
program meeting, the 2nd a business meeting. Membership fee is $15.00/year for
an individual & $25 for a family (I think).

The other organization is the TG&MS. It's the organization the started the
Tucson Gem Show that runs every year in Feb. It was started about 45+ years ago
as a club show & was so successful that numerous other promoters jumped on the
bandwagon & now there are over 20 shows the 1st 2 weeks of Feb. It's billed as
the largest gem show in the world.

TG&MS has about 400 members, not all in Tucson, & it to has it's own building
for monthly meetings. The primary interest of the club is mineraology & it has
numerous field trips each year. The monthly meeting is a program & business
meeting. There have been some very interesting programs.

Of course the big event is the annual show held in Feb. There are lots of world
class exhibits & vendors. It's the club's fund raiser for the year. There are
usually over 20,000 attendees.

Then if you're interested in museums, there's the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.
It specializes in things found in the Sonoran Desert (Tucson is in the Sonran
Desert). In addition to plants & animals, they have a very good mineral dept &

Give me a call, 520-749-2413 or email me if you've got any questions.

Dave Arens



Subject: Issues
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 12:34:47 -0700
To: <faceters@caprock-spur.com>
From: "Galarneau's" <gggemswcr@cox.net>

I also support organization. With organization I support structure,
uniformity, and enforcement. Only a group can ever hope to achieve
these goals. Achieving these goals will be very difficult because the
jewelry business world thrives on the very nonexistence of any control
or uniformity within the gemstone world. In business the jewelry world
calls all the shots because they are very well organized, have legal
support, and have lots of money.
Organization will put the lapidary world, facetting, cabbing, carving,
etc, right in the middle of the jewelry worlds business. Therefore,
once organized the group will be a business group. Most lapidaries are
already business people because they all sell the products they make.
Once one starts selling their products they become a gemstone dealer.
This move makes the organization a business organization. Gemstone
dealers sell to the jewelry world.
I support this move as the next logical move of making the produces of
gemstone objects into an organized business.

Gerry Galarneau



Bombay Bazaar - (800)678-8450
Facetron: http://www.facetron.com/
Graves: http://www.rockhounds.com/graves/
MDR: http://www.mdr-facet.com/
Polymetric: http://www.polymetricinc.com/
Ultra-tec: info@ultratec-facet.com
Fac-Ette Manufacturing Company: (910)256-9248
http://www.fac-ette.com/ 800-336-9248.
Raytech Industries: http://www.raytech-ind.com
Rock Peddler: 1-800-416-4348 / www.rockpeddler.com



Accredited Gemologists Association, http://aga.polygon.net/
American Gem Society, (AGS) 702-255-6500
American Gem Trade Association, (AGTA) http://www.agta.org
Gemmological Assc. & GTL / Great Britain, http://www.gagtl.ac.uk/gagtl
Gemmological Association of Australia, http://www.gem.org.au
Gemological Institute of America, (GIA) http://www.gia.edu.giagem
International Gem Society (IGS) web site is: http://www.gemsociety.org
International Colored Gemstone Association, http://www.gemstone.org


FACETING GUILDS (Alphabetically, World) ~

*Charleston Faceting Guild, South Carolina, wmcnay@mindspring.com.
*Columbia-Willamette Faceter's Guild, http://www.facetersguild.com/
*Danish Faceters Guild, http://medlem.spray.se/danfacet/
*East/Central Florida:Tomoka Gem and Mineral Society's Faceters Guild,
Don Cameron: ghgemcutter@earthlink.net
*Eastern Mass Faceter's Group, rockpeddler@attbi.com
*Faceter's Forum Society-LaPorte, IN VESteele@aol.com
*Faceter's Guild of N. California, Wayne Meissner, lklomp@cnetech.com
*Faceter's Guild of S. California, Jerry W. Carroll, (818)348-6327
*Intermountain Faceter's Guild, Carl M. Unruh, (360)385-3753
*Midwest Faceter's Guild, E-mail: tgibbs@compuserve.com
*Mid-Williamette Faceters Guild, Albany, Oregon, Michael E. Bumcrot;
E-mail @ MBumcrot@valleyoilco.com
*Moreton Bay is a branch of the Australian Facetors' Guild, Brisbane,
Queensland. http://cwpp.slq.qld.gov.au/afg
*New Mexico Faceter's Guild, Nancy Attaway, attaway@highfiber.com
*North Puget Sound Faceting Guild, Keith Wyman, tfw@fidalgo.net
*Tacoma Faceting Guild, Chuck Bloch chuck_b@prodigy.net
*Texas Faceter's Guild, Jill Rowlands, gemsbyj@aol.com
*Seattle Faceting Club (LeonardBahr@prodigy.net)
*Vancouver Island Faceters' Guild - British Columbia, Canada.

(Add your faceting organization here, US or International - Write to
owner-faceters@caprock-spur.com )



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Tomoka Gem and Mineral Society's annual show will be held on Dec. 14 and 15 at
the Volusia County Fairgrounds, located on state route 44 in Deland, Florida.
Fairgrounds are 1 mile east of interstate route 4 at exit 118. We will have at
least one showcase of faceted gems done by our members. Thank you, John Withey


for Prizes!!



Sep 28-29 Downey. 52nd annual Delvers Gem& Mineral Soc. Women's Club
of Downey, 9813 Paramount Blvd. Free admission. Facet rough available
will include Benitoite, sapphires from Montana, Australia and southeast Asia,
blue and colorless topaz, 4Peaks amethyst,several citrines, ametrine,
sunstone, tourmaline and much more. Vargas books and laps also available.


Presented by the Faceter's Guild of Southern California
At the Seaside GEMboree AFMS/CFMS Convention & Show
Ventura, California June 6-7-8, 2003

You are invited to participate in the Faceters
Symposium 2003 which will be held at the Seaside Park
(Ventura Fairgrounds) at Ventura, California during the
AFMS/CFMS Convention & Show. The Faceters Symposium dates
are June 6th, 7th, & 8th. That is Friday, Saturday, &
Sunday. The CFMS GEMboree is on those dates as well as on
Thursday the 5th of June. All of this is at the same
location, just a hundred yards from the beach.

The Faceters Symposium will feature ten speakers, who
will have presentations covering various parts of gemstone
faceting interests. A Hospitality Hour on Friday evening
and a Saturday Awards Luncheon are also part of the
Symposium. There will be competitions at the Novice,
Advanced, & Masters levels. Get started on your
competition entry soon.

The CFMS GEMboree itself will have buildings that have
exhibits on display, dealers with their wares to offer,
demonstrators to show how it is done, and speakers with
presentations covering other lapidary fields of interest.

For information & costs regarding the Faceters
Symposium (including competition information), your contact
is listed below. Ask for one of the Packets. Be sure to
state your snail mailing address so that a Packet can be
mailed to you.

Glenn Klein, Chairman
24001 Muirlands Blvd., Space #79
Lake Forest, CA 92630 email: glennklein@yahoo.com



At a recent convention of WW II veterans, the age of the attendees was at least
74 years and older, most were grandparents, some even great- grandparents! Many
of the old veteran's heads were bald, others had hair turned gray, some were
spry, some were stooped walking with canes, some in wheelchairs. Time was
passing them by...

Reminiscing with stories and tales of their wartime experiences returned them
to days of their youth and vigor, as most of them were mere kids in that time long
ago. Most stories began with, "Remember when"... and talk of artillery, guns,
muddy foxholes, tanks, aircraft, naval battles, landing craft and invasions
brought serious conversation.

But what brought smiles and laughter to their aged faces was tales of the good
times they had when not in battles. Each one had stories that topped the
others! "You know, when I was in Oran, Africa, I saw"... "Let me tell you when I was
swimming at a beach in the South Pacific, there were"... "Remember the first
time you drank coconut milk and got"... "We used to hold booze bottles up to
the light to find one that didn't have"... "Back then I had muscles that"...

Many stories related to a guy's experiences he had with women and how viral he
was back then as a teenager. Finally, an old-timer smiled and said with a grin,
"Well, guys, I just want to tell you... You remember all that saltpeter they
used to give us back then to damper our whipper - snapper's virility? Well,
guys, I'm here to tell you, all that saltpeter is finally starting to work!"



" Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams.
Think not about what you have tried and failed,
But what is still possible for you to do.
To live is to change."

--- Author Unknown ---



Must sell the following rough - no reasonable offer refused -

Rose Malaya Garnet - deep red, eye clean african material - 1 kg available -
$2.00/gram for quantities of 500 grams or more

Red Zircon - eye clean african material - 300g available - $2.00/gram if you
take the entire 300 grams

Spessartite Orange Garnet - slightly to moderately included African
material - Ranges from 1.5 - 3 cts size - $7.50 per gram if you take the
entire 300 grams

I have put pictures of the rough and stones cut from it on the web -
check it out at: http://www.wintershill.com/rough

You can email me (Richard) for more info or ?'s at: wntrhill@somtel.com


RRGaetan GEM BROKERS < "Quality gem rough for discriminating gem-cutters."
We serve hand-select (and bulk/parcels, too!), affordable, quality gem rough
in a variety of materials. Our most recent arrivals: Aug. 2 ­ Aquamarine,
Spessartite and Tourmaline. For details and a colorful, interactive e-flyer
(PDF), email rrgaetan@san.rr.com and ask for "The Rough List."


Hello all, I still have a Xristal-Tek87 for sale. I am reducing the price
because I really have to sell this fine machine. I have cut maybe 15 stones
on it. It is basically brand new and in perfect condition. It has the 8"
adapter ring on it and the dial indicator. It is a very sturdy rugged
machine. I am reducing the price to $900 and will still consider all

Thank you,
David Creviston
Atlanta, Georgia


IFA Faceters Digest Members:

I am now accepting cutting orders for high quality American Facetting
specializing in Barions and Portuguese Cuts as well as repairs. I am
32 have been cutting for 15 years and have been recently laid off from
my company where I was a medical software salesman. So now it's back to
gemcutting and jewelry. I also offer extremely reliable, high quality
overseas cutting to your diagrams and specs with a 4-6 week turn around.
Diamond cutting and repair available two, including recutting of
chipped melee. Please contact Tyler Allen Atlanta GA
770-393-2547 t.allen@mindspring.com



CALIFORNIA (Southern): All persons in the Greater Riverside area (of
Southern California) are invited to attend our faceting classes and "get
togethers" which are held once per month. If you would like to join us and
meet fellow faceters, please contact me anytime at: paulahlstedt@earthlink.net ~
Paul Ahlstedt

KANSAS: If anyone in the central portion of the country from Oklahoma city
to Wichita to Kansas City would be interested in forming something like the
Flatland Facet Guild or some such name give me a line at
Larry W. Davis

ILLINOIS - MISSOURI (Central Area, hubed around St. Louis, Missouri) A
group of 4 faceters have met and we had a great time. We intend to meet
again and would like to have fellow faceters join our group. I received an
email from another Newbie that expressed interest in attending our next get
together. Faceters from any and all areas are welcome... It's swell to meet
personally and exchange tips and hints! COME JOIN OUR GROUP! It's FREE! ;o)
Doug Smith, Alton, IL .at: gembin@spiff.net

INDIANA: I moved to Valparaiso, (Northwest) Indiana, about three years ago.
Are there any clubs in this area? or is there anyone interested in starting
one? I do faceting and some cabbing. Not much here but cornfields. Nice
scenery, but I get sooooooo lonely. LOL Let me know. (Bill) "William
J.Pysnack" <wjpin@home.com>

S.E. LOUISIANA: Anyone in or around the New Orleans, LA area wishing to
form a club or have get togethers for faceting, discussions, cabbing,
procurement, etc. Please contact me via email @ tbird@bayouself.org. (Thom
Bird - Chalmette, LA)

MISSISSIPPI: If anyone is near Meridian Mississippi and would be interested
in forming some kind of club or just get together with faceting and/or
cabbing please e-mail me at jennings@netdoor.com Thanks, Jim

TEXAS: Anyone in the Corpus Christi or Coastal Bend area that is interested
in starting a local faceter's guild contact me at: hankswan@earthlink.net or
gemscc@msn.com or telephone 361-857-2405 (days) or 361-992-1296
(evenings).Hank swan

WASHINGTON DC.(Rockville Md area) Looking for folks to get together
occasionally to facet. I have just started faceting and am also interested
in sphere making (infinate # of facets) Robert Winfield

Lurking is fine, but participation is more fun!! Get involved!!

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