Vol. 2, Issue No. 150 - Wednesday October 2, 2002
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01 Re: wax lap
02 Re: Corporate Issues
03 Re: Goverment involvment
04 Voting for the Jubilee Project design
05 Drops and drips
06 Thanks for continuing the Digest!
07 certs???



Subject: Wax lap again .....
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 14:56:28 -0400
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: mbegin@is.jgh.mcgill.ca

OK i wait for the picture because what I want to see is how the razor
blade is fix to the dop ?



Subject: Corporate Issues
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 14:31:17 -0700
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: "Paul T. Ahlstedt"<paulahlstedt@earthlink.net>

Hi Gang,

In regard to forming a corporation, I wanted to say how pleased I was to read
some of the past posts in regard to that, and how professional everyone has
conducted themselves while discussing this very controversial topic. I also
am VERY pleased that everyone is showing the same respect to Thurmond as you
did me, and I thank you all for it as Thurmond is a good man, and will take
both the IFA and ILA to the next level.

I am going to stay on behind the scenes to help him complete certain
activities that I had planned, but it will be somewhat affected by my current
projects, and my available free time. Thurmond DOES have my phone number and
is able to call anytime that an emergency or something might pop up in case I
am needed. Other than that, please continue to show him your kindness and
consideration as I can tell you FROM EXPERIENCE that running a list (two in
his case) is quite a task. I trust his judgement completely, and there should
be no reason for concern over any particular issue.

I also wanted to speak about the corporation issue. I would fully support the
formation of a non-profit organization, and this is clearly what needs to
happen to take the IFA / ILA to the next level - and really bring faceting and
lapidary to the masses. I also have advised Thurmond that I would register
both digests as a serial publication.

For those of you that do not support forming some type of legal structure to
the IFA, I understand your point of view entirely, and your comments are well
taken and should be seriously considered. There are also advantages to
forming a NPO, and those advantages should also be carefully weighed.

Be clear though that Thurmond and I are in complete daily contact, and that
nothing is going to be done without careful consideration of the facts and the
pro's and con's of each scenario.

I have also advised Thurmond to get some type of publication insurance,
because Doug is right - it is a very litigation prone society that we live in.

I would say that everyone should continue to discuss this very important
issue, and feel free to write in with your viewpoint. Just remember that we
are all friends and associates here, so continue to post with consideration
and professionalism. Also, please show the same trust and confidence that I
have in Thurmond, and many thanks again for showing him the respect he
deserves as our new president - who is doing a fantastic job for all of us -
and I mean that as I am now just a "member" and appreciate his effort and

Best wishes,



Thanks for the kind words and support Paul,

This is a BIG project and all decisions will not be made quickly or lightly.
There is so much that needs to be accomplished to promote and grow
our common interest; Faceting and other Lapidary Areas.
Jerry Wykoff told me in an e-mail a while back that what is needed
most in the Lapidary / Faceting community is ORGANIZATION. I have to think
he knew what he is talking about since his former organization the Society
of American Gemcutters had over 4000 members. We need to grow and to
provide leadership as an example to the world of how a widely diverse group of
individuals spanning the globe can join in a common cause to acheive any
goal that is before it.



Subject: Goverment involvment
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 17:57:12 -0400
To: <faceters@caprock-spur.com>
From: "Jewelers Gems" <sales@jewelersgems.com>

Hi Thurmond,

I agree with Jerry Stroud. Any time you have to apply for something you dont
have a god given right to do. You are always giving up more than you get. We
can do all the things you talked about God willing if not why tri. ( How are
the copper laps working for you).

Mike Lavergne
Milford Ma.


Hi Mike, Love the copper laps, I will never go back to the bonded ones. Their
usefull life is too short with my faceting "style" and materials I use.



Subject: Voting for the Jubilee Project design
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 05:48:45 +0100
To: post@maiko.demon.co.uk
From: Michael Hing <post@maiko.demon.co.uk>

Hi everyone,

I have added a page to the website for us to vote on the design we will
be cutting. Please check it out on...






Subject: Drops and drips
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 23:45:24 +0930
To: <faceters@caprock-spur.com>
From: "aurimas" <aurimas@chariot.net.au>


I am using an Imahashi faceter which came with an aliuminium water pot,
enamelled on the inside. The water quality in Adelaide is far less than
desirable and the inside of the water pot stanted to grow "Fur". I kept
cleaning it out, but I feel that I may have discovered yet another way
of scratching facets when polishing. I recon the bits of "fur" are the
culprits, Alox may be the curse!!!

I now use an I.V. bottle which hangs about 60 cms above the lap and the
drip end fits through a piece timber sitting across the splash tray so I
can direct the water to the outside or the centre of the lap. The
delivery rate can be controled from one drop per fortnight to a full
stream. The bottle holds 1000cc. was sterile and cost me zilch.

It works for me.

Aurimas in Spring in Adelaide in South Australia



Subject: Hi Thanks for continuing the Digest!
From: Rocksinhed@aol.com
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 00:40:52 EDT
To: owner-faceters@caprock-spur.com

Thanks for continuing the Digest! Hale got me started on the Digest (and
Reiven Zeleznick got me started faceting).

I am moving to Tucson and interested in finding a group to facet with dig
with or other lapidary or Paleontological Clubs.

I will start one if need be .... please contact me if your interested.

Thanks ...... Have a great day!

Jimmy Rocksinhed@aol.com


I believe you will find the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club in Tucson




Subject: certs???
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 09:37:04 -0700
To: faceters@caprock-spur.com
From: "Larry McCoy" <larrymccoy2000@hotmail.com>

Hi gang, Mark asked about getting a color change tourmaline certed, here is
my slant. A cert for a stone is great tool for selling fine and expensive
stones, it helps the buyer because they aren't just relying on what you say
it is. Whoever you get to cert the stone needs to be very well known in the
field or the cert looses credablity very fast. When you order the cert you
need to know what type you want, they mostly go like this. Type: what
material is the stone and is it natural or manmade, Origin: where is the
stone from (these can be very tricky and often impossible to do), Treatment:
(mostly heat) what has been done to the stone to enhance it if anything. The
right statement on a cert can really add to the value of a stone. Now for
the downside, you can expect to pay several hundred dollars for a good cert
from someone like the GLDA lab NY. You need to decide if the cost of the
cert will add enough value to make it worth doing. If you opt to go to one
of the cert mills because they are cheaper you will get what you pay for,
their certs don't carry much weight in the industry. I have spent as much as
$1200 for a cert on a single stone and it was worth it, but I have also been
wrong before and got certs that added nothing to the value, sometimes its
just a crapshoot.

Fred you have lots experience with certs whats your view?




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Fac-Ette Manufacturing Company: (910)256-9248
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Raytech Industries: http://www.raytech-ind.com
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Accredited Gemologists Association, http://aga.polygon.net/
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*East/Central Florida:Tomoka Gem and Mineral Society's Faceters Guild,
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*Eastern Mass Faceter's Group, rockpeddler@attbi.com
*Faceter's Forum Society-LaPorte, IN VESteele@aol.com
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*North Puget Sound Faceting Guild, Keith Wyman, tfw@fidalgo.net
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Tomoka Gem and Mineral Society's annual show will be held on Dec. 14 and 15 at
the Volusia County Fairgrounds, located on state route 44 in Deland, Florida.
Fairgrounds are 1 mile east of interstate route 4 at exit 118. We will have at
least one showcase of faceted gems done by our members. Thank you, John Withey


for Prizes!!



Sep 28-29 Downey. 52nd annual Delvers Gem& Mineral Soc. Women's Club
of Downey, 9813 Paramount Blvd. Free admission. Facet rough available
will include Benitoite, sapphires from Montana, Australia and southeast Asia,
blue and colorless topaz, 4Peaks amethyst,several citrines, ametrine,
sunstone, tourmaline and much more. Vargas books and laps also available.


Presented by the Faceter's Guild of Southern California
At the Seaside GEMboree AFMS/CFMS Convention & Show
Ventura, California June 6-7-8, 2003

You are invited to participate in the Faceters
Symposium 2003 which will be held at the Seaside Park
(Ventura Fairgrounds) at Ventura, California during the
AFMS/CFMS Convention & Show. The Faceters Symposium dates
are June 6th, 7th, & 8th. That is Friday, Saturday, &
Sunday. The CFMS GEMboree is on those dates as well as on
Thursday the 5th of June. All of this is at the same
location, just a hundred yards from the beach.

The Faceters Symposium will feature ten speakers, who
will have presentations covering various parts of gemstone
faceting interests. A Hospitality Hour on Friday evening
and a Saturday Awards Luncheon are also part of the
Symposium. There will be competitions at the Novice,
Advanced, & Masters levels. Get started on your
competition entry soon.

The CFMS GEMboree itself will have buildings that have
exhibits on display, dealers with their wares to offer,
demonstrators to show how it is done, and speakers with
presentations covering other lapidary fields of interest.

For information & costs regarding the Faceters
Symposium (including competition information), your contact
is listed below. Ask for one of the Packets. Be sure to
state your snail mailing address so that a Packet can be
mailed to you.

Glenn Klein, Chairman
24001 Muirlands Blvd., Space #79
Lake Forest, CA 92630 email: glennklein@yahoo.com



A strappin' big ole' country boy, Jeb, was sett'n on the barnyard's split rail
fence enjoyin' the fresh country air. The hen chickens were klukin' and peckin'
at various tidbits here and there, with baby chicks in attendance. It was the
height of serenity on a balmy spring morning!

A big ole' rooster came struttin' up to the hens with the authority of a king.
Eyein' one of the hens, the rooster approached her. Suddenly the hen took off a
runnin', feathers flyin', with the rooster, like a fighter plane, in hot
pursuit! With the hen zig zagin' around the barnyard, the big ole' rooster had
almost accomplished his goal when he skidded to a stop. Jeb was stunned as he
observed what was unfolding...

The big ole' rooster had spied a big fat worm stickin' his head out of the
ground. The rooster was stretching and pulling that tasty big fat worm out of
the ground to have a feast!

In utter disbelief, Jeb turns his face up, while spreading his arms out to the
heavens and starts praying, "Oh, Lordy! Oh Lordy! I shor' hopes I never gets
that hungry!"



" Advice is like castor oil, easy to give, but dreadful to take."

--- Josh Billings ---



Must sell the following rough - no reasonable offer refused -

Rose Malaya Garnet - deep red, eye clean african material - 1 kg available -
$2.00/gram for quantities of 500 grams or more

Red Zircon - eye clean african material - 300g available - $2.00/gram if you
take the entire 300 grams

Spessartite Orange Garnet - slightly to moderately included African
material - Ranges from 1.5 - 3 cts size - $7.50 per gram if you take the
entire 300 grams

I have put pictures of the rough and stones cut from it on the web -
check it out at: http://www.wintershill.com/rough

You can email me (Richard) for more info or ?'s at: wntrhill@somtel.com


RRGaetan GEM BROKERS < "Quality gem rough for discriminating gem-cutters."
We serve hand-select (and bulk/parcels, too!), affordable, quality gem rough
in a variety of materials. Our most recent arrivals: Aug. 2 ­ Aquamarine,
Spessartite and Tourmaline. For details and a colorful, interactive e-flyer
(PDF), email rrgaetan@san.rr.com and ask for "The Rough List."


Hello all, I still have a Xristal-Tek87 for sale. I am reducing the price
because I really have to sell this fine machine. I have cut maybe 15 stones
on it. It is basically brand new and in perfect condition. It has the 8"
adapter ring on it and the dial indicator. It is a very sturdy rugged
machine. I am reducing the price to $900 and will still consider all

Thank you,
David Creviston
Atlanta, Georgia


IFA Faceters Digest Members:

I am now accepting cutting orders for high quality American Facetting
specializing in Barions and Portuguese Cuts as well as repairs. I am
32 have been cutting for 15 years and have been recently laid off from
my company where I was a medical software salesman. So now it's back to
gemcutting and jewelry. I also offer extremely reliable, high quality
overseas cutting to your diagrams and specs with a 4-6 week turn around.
Diamond cutting and repair available two, including recutting of
chipped melee. Please contact Tyler Allen Atlanta GA
770-393-2547 t.allen@mindspring.com



CALIFORNIA (Southern): All persons in the Greater Riverside area (of
Southern California) are invited to attend our faceting classes and "get
togethers" which are held once per month. If you would like to join us and
meet fellow faceters, please contact me anytime at: paulahlstedt@earthlink.net ~
Paul Ahlstedt

KANSAS: If anyone in the central portion of the country from Oklahoma city
to Wichita to Kansas City would be interested in forming something like the
Flatland Facet Guild or some such name give me a line at
Larry W. Davis

ILLINOIS - MISSOURI (Central Area, hubed around St. Louis, Missouri) A
group of 4 faceters have met and we had a great time. We intend to meet
again and would like to have fellow faceters join our group. I received an
email from another Newbie that expressed interest in attending our next get
together. Faceters from any and all areas are welcome... It's swell to meet
personally and exchange tips and hints! COME JOIN OUR GROUP! It's FREE! ;o)
Doug Smith, Alton, IL .at: gembin@spiff.net

INDIANA: I moved to Valparaiso, (Northwest) Indiana, about three years ago.
Are there any clubs in this area? or is there anyone interested in starting
one? I do faceting and some cabbing. Not much here but cornfields. Nice
scenery, but I get sooooooo lonely. LOL Let me know. (Bill) "William
J.Pysnack" <wjpin@home.com>

S.E. LOUISIANA: Anyone in or around the New Orleans, LA area wishing to
form a club or have get togethers for faceting, discussions, cabbing,
procurement, etc. Please contact me via email @ tbird@bayouself.org. (Thom
Bird - Chalmette, LA)

MISSISSIPPI: If anyone is near Meridian Mississippi and would be interested
in forming some kind of club or just get together with faceting and/or
cabbing please e-mail me at jennings@netdoor.com Thanks, Jim

TEXAS: Anyone in the Corpus Christi or Coastal Bend area that is interested
in starting a local faceter's guild contact me at: hankswan@earthlink.net or
gemscc@msn.com or telephone 361-857-2405 (days) or 361-992-1296
(evenings).Hank swan

WASHINGTON DC.(Rockville Md area) Looking for folks to get together
occasionally to facet. I have just started faceting and am also interested
in sphere making (infinate # of facets) Robert Winfield

Lurking is fine, but participation is more fun!! Get involved!!

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